Both Ladies Pitched Their Effort For FOTY Candidate – Katie Taylor Eeks Out Airtight Decision Against Natasha Jonas Remain Undisputed

Class exhibited all around, inside, and outside the ring from both combatants. The co-main event stole the show, and through 10 rounds packed with action, 👑🥇🇮🇪Katie Taylor (18-0-0, 6KO👊) with difficulty managed to stave off the strong, late push by 🇬🇧Natasha Jonas (9-2-1, 7KO👊), who put it all on the line, but just barely came up short on credible scorecards, and an exhausted Taylor got her hand raised in defending her RING/WBA/WBC/WBO/IBF Lightweight World Title Belts.

Katie early on was taking charge, taking the angles on the southpaw, and applying the calculated pressure. Jonas early on was having difficulty in finding her range, being that Katie continuously maneuvered on the inside, tacking on the points. Operating with too much of an instinctive reactive approach early, Jonas simply wasn’t firing as much as she needed to in the first 4 rounds, but by the time the 5th round came about, she really started to cook.


Jonas forced a feverish comeback in rounds 6, 7, 8, to arguably tie the fight up, using the check-right hook, and constantly splitting the guard of Katie’s defense with the backhand. Katie had a hard time dealing with Jonas counterpunching prowess, and Katie too often squared up in front of her opponent to receive those punches.


It was a riveting bout down the stretch in the Championship rounds. We had the bout even through 8, and to constantly keep in mind, women’s championship boxing goes 10 rounds. With the fight in the balance, Katie Taylor went all out, giving 130% effort, mixing it up to the head, and body…firing off 5 – 6 punch combinations, masking the power, to land the big punches in between, and had great success doing so.


Jonas continued to fight with the same prowess that had her maniacally march back into the fight, but Katie relied on her Championship 🧬DNA, and the competitive streak in her came out, and she asserted herself down the stretch over her talented, determined opponent.

The scorecards were in, and there was intriguing, somewhat nervous energy that took centerstage, as #1, the fight was close, and #2, you just never know what judges see. This time around, they looked to have seen the fight with an accurate lens, and the closeness of the score reflected the type of fight that had just taken place.

With scores of 📝96-94, 96-95, and 96-95, Katie Taylor eeked out the close decision over Natasha Jonas, who proved herself against someone who is at the pinnacle of the sport. To classify it as merely a Unanimous Decision takes away from the performance by Natasha, as the fight was competitive all the way through.

Katie Taylor secured the 10th defense of her Lightweight Title, and her 3rd since becoming the divisions 👑Undisputed World Champion. I speak for everyone when I say that we would love to see a rematch between the two boxers, and see it soon…well done ladies.


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