Conlan Outpoints Baluta In Spirited Contest, Getting the Majority Decision Win On Shaky Scorecards

Irish contender 🥉🇬🇧🇮🇪Michael Conlan (15-0-0, 8KO👊) appears to have found his home in the Super-Bantamweight division, defeating tough opponent 🇧🇪Ionut Baluta (14-3-0, 3KO👊) by Majority Decision, on shaky scorecards, not reflecting Conlan’s effective workrate. Conlan’s physical stature seems to fit the weight class well, and Baluta put it to the test, putting forth a game effort in defeat.

Immediate observation, Conlan looked huge against Baluta, reflecting his decision to move down in weight to make his size, and his power more relevant for the overall picture. Conlan showed his class early, and hurt a charging in Baluta with an arching roundhouse right to the temple at the end of the second.

The Belgium fighter Baluta hit the canvas often under his own power, due to a lack of balance, overcommitting, and trying too hard to get his offense off. Conlan by round 4 began to bull forward more, forcing his weight against his eager opponent.


You can’t fault Baluta for trying, he did plenty of that, but often his high punch output was him hitting air, gloves, and forearms, while Conlan was able to land the cleaner blows. The bain of Ionut’s lack of success was in firing his punches too wide often in closed quarters, while Conlan took the angles, and fired 🎯accurately up the middle.

Baluta came forward like a bull, doing well down the stretch of the fight. The fight went the full 12, and went to the scorecards. Apparently, only one Judge seen the fight, as he had it 📝117-112 for Conlan. The other judges had it 📝114-114 for a draw, and 📝115-113. Though the right man got the nod (Michael Conlan), faulty judging almost ruined the fight. High activity without accuracy, and uncomfortable posturing does NOT equate to points.

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