Berlanga Wins First Decision of His Pro Career Impressively, Showing Guile In Win Over Nicholson

The knockout streak for the first round, and per fight basis is over, but far, far more importantly, 🇵🇷Edgar “The Chosen One” Berlanga (17-0-0, 16KO👊👊) got a chance to author up the full fighting experience, securing the decision win over 🇺🇸Demond Nicholson (23-4-1, 20👊), putting him down 4 times in the 8 round contest, and ending the fight with a bang.

Berlanga started the fight off measured, and Nicholson did a good job anticipating, and twisting to get out of the way of the quick right hand. Berlanga early on was head-hunting too much, but got around to attacking the body late in the first round. Nicholson also did a good job in holding after Berlanga committed, and missed, enough to get out of the first round, to end Edgar’s personal streak.

The second round, Berlanga was extra aggressive, and Nicholson showed he was in it to win it, trading power for power, trying to establish himself in the middle of the ring. A solid right hand from Berlanga momentarily wobbled Nicholson halfway through the second, but he regrouped quickly.

A lightning quick left hook late in the round dropped Demond immediately for the strong knockdown. He got up, and Edgar continued firing away, and had Nicholson on queer street, with his coordination nowhere to be found…somehow, he made it out of that stanza.


In round 3, Nicholson did a good job in regrouping, but he just couldn’t get away from the sheer power of his opponent, and was dropped for a second time from a body shot, though the jostling before and after the shot should have rendered it to be a slip. Nichols of course got up, but Berlanga was able to hurt him a couple more times after that, and forced Nicholson to get on his bicycle.

Interesting to note, 📌Berlanga has a good jab, and we finally got a chance to see it consistently in action, and was looking to set everything off of it. Another strange knockdown was called at the beginning of the 5th round for Berlanga, but it was because of how quickly Berlanga landed the chopping left hook to put him there.

The action continued in the round, and Nicholson was hurt badly once again as Berlanga shot the double right hand, staggering on on the ropes, and off it for the rest of the round, as Edgar continued on the hunt.

Nicholson landed his best punch of the fight with a right cross at the backend of the round…..Edgar took it well, then retaliated with a devastating 1-2 that had him leaning, and wobbling over his own weight for the remainder of the round, in survival mode up until the bell.

The 7th round seen a lull in the action, as Berlanga’s punch output 📉dipped, but hey, was dealing with unchartered territory being this late in a contest. Nicholson spent the majority of the round initiating clinches.

This bout was scheduled for 8, so the 8th and final round, Berlanga landed the hardest punch of the bout with 15 seconds left in the fight, knocking Demond on the seat of his pants with a 💥roundhouse right hook. Nicholson willed himself to get up, staggered and hurt…and just like that, the bell rang.

Everything else was academic at this point, and Berlanga picked up the wide 📝Unanimous Decision for what was an impressive extended performance, one that the public needed to see, and one that he needs more of for his ascent as a serious rapidly rising prospect in the Super-Middleweight division.

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