Regis Prograis Picks Up the Strange Victory in Atlanta, While Redkach Once Again Embarrasses Himself

Written by Tré Berry III🖊️ | 04/18/2021

If you didn’t see this bout, there wasn’t much that you missed, at least in terms of integrity. To briefly sum it up, elite former Junior-Welterweight  Titlist 👹 🇺🇸Regis “Rougarou” Prograis (26-1-0, 21KO👊) was sharp in his pursuit through 6 rounds, as he proved to be too intelligent, too quick, and too powerful for 🇺🇦Ivan Redkach (23-6-1, 18KO👊), who decided after a few rounds, to fake his way out of fighting the rest of the fight.

You know how Rougarou gets down, the southpaw gives his opponents a steady dose of shotgun left hands, head movement, versatility, lateral foot movement, and pressure, and for Redkach, it was no different, as he found himself falling behind early, unable to get a footing in the bout. He was hurt multiple times by the big left.

After getting a steady dose of the power, Redkach concocted a scheme to cut his night short. What did he do❓ well Prograis threw an elongated right hook to the liver that overshot his target, and the bicep hit the rib cage, yet Redkach faked as if he was clipped with a devastating low blow right down the middle, and sprawled out all over the canvas, twisting, turning, making a mockery of the situation, while the Referee was too foolish to decipher properly what was going on.


Fortunately, they had a replay system in Atlanta, and they were clearly able to see that the Ukrainian fighter was faking his way out of the situation. Upon review, they credibly ended the fight, for it to go to the scorecards. Since Prograis dominated, there was no doubt at this point that he would pick up the Technical Decision, and did with official scores of 📝60-54, 60-54, and 59-55.


Redkach continued his antics, rendering ⚕️Medical staff to taking precautions for the sake of their jobs, to put Redkach on a gurney, and wheeled him off for evaluation. There is probably a 2%󠀥 chance that this signified a neurological issue that had occurred from the fight itself, but it looks abundantly clear to us that Redkach simply wanted out, and was going to do it in a way that’s as shameful as possible.


With a checkered past of questionable tactics, and behavior, to the matchmakers in the boxing world…please no more Redkach. His nickname is “El Terriblé” – and his nickname perfectly explains how he conducted himself last night. A strange night on 💻TRILLER was fully encapsulated by the events that had unfolded in this lone legitimate boxing bout – nothing more to be said about this one.

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