Rage Against the Machine – Andrade Met Battle-Minded Williams Head On, Defeated Him By Unanimous Decision In a Well Contested Bout

Reigning WBO Middleweight Titlist 🇺🇸Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (30-0-0, 18KO👊) in the build up of the fight was adamant that he would welcome the challenge from boisterous challenger 🇬🇧Liam “The Machine” Williams (23-3-1, 18KO👊), and he did just that, defeating him by Unanimous Decision and picking up his fourth title defense. Williams comported himself well throughout the match, and made the Titlist uncomfortable in spots, but it wasn’t enough to overthrow Andrade to ultimately take his title.

Andrade managed to hurt Williams in the first ⌚45 seconds of the fight with a sharp looping left hand, and Williams went in immediate retreat mode, while Andrade opened up. Williams for the rest of the round boxed on shaky legs, while Andrade continuously picked away at him, using a wide variance of angles to sneak in his usual highly unorthodox punch delivery to get to the target.

Andrade largely fought on the outside, and chose spots on when to leap in, while Williams relied on his lone dimension of coming forward. Demetrius once again wobbled the challenger in the middle of the second round, and by this point, Williams appeared overwhelmed by the volume, and the punching power, if not stunned by it.


Andrade later in the round landed a perfect straight left hand that put Williams on the seat of his pants. Williams barely beat the 10 count by Referee 🕴️Roberto Ramirez Jr., and got back to action. He was very fortunate to make it out of the stanza as Andrade went in for the finish, but couldn’t get the power to connect.

Round 3, Demetrius was adamant about landing the lead right uppercut coming off the outside angle, but there wasn’t an opening for it. Williams stepped up his aggression, and landed a couple significant power shots, selling out in order to do it, taking one to give one.

Williams motor started to showcase itself in round 4, supplying an 📈inordinate amount of pressure on the WBO Titlist that appeared to put Andrade in uncomfortable positions. Though Williams didn’t land much while making him uncomfortable, it was what was needed for him to rebound back, and make a fight of it.

Andrade did finally find a home for the 💪🏾uppercut in the 5th round after Williams started to get too aggressive, and leaning on his front foot looking to get into Andrade’s chest, and the titlist landed the punch often. Andrade became angry in round 6 due to repeated fouling invoked by Williams, but from Williams vantage point, he was looking, and willing to do anything to add on to the pressure that was mounting.

Andrade late in the round started to rip off the big left uppercut once again, since Williams did nothing to adapt to the punch, and took firm control. Demetrius throughout much of the fight kept the right jab in his back pocket, but he brought it out at a higher clip in the 7th round, looking to keep Liam at bay with his superior reach, and footwork.

Andrade hurt Williams bad once again in the waning moments with a looping left hand, but Williams held on effectively until the 🛎️bell sounded. Demetrius in the 8th featured more of a body attack, as he continued the theme of giving Williams different looks round-by-round, and giving the one-dimensional challenger something new to constantly think about.


Williams had minimal success in the 9th round, stepping in, and firing the straight right hand while Demetrius continued the poor habit of backing straight up with his hands down, and his head in the firing range, but Williams needed more to get something going. Williams a moment later did manage to stun Andrade with a straight right hand, which was exactly what was needed for the English fighter. Andrade held well, regrouped, and got back to work, though this was a round that he dropped.

The 10th round was a good one, with Williams having a couple moments early, but Boo Boo reasserted himself by planting his feet, sitting down on his punches, and committing to pop-shotting with the uppercut, and the long straight left hand.

There was A LOT of lateral movement from Demetrius at the start of the 11th round, with the intent to tire out the constantly pursuing Williams, but Andrade didn’t fire much back while doing so. Andrade 2 minutes into the stanza stood his ground, and landed an impressive 4-punch combination, which was the stand-out moment of the 11th.

The beginning of the 12th was a bit sloppy, with plenty of wrestling in clinches. Andrade landed a massive uppercut once again that momentarily stun Williams. Demetrius, void of throwing combinations in bunches tonight, strung them together late, looking to make a lasting impression on the night. The fight got to the 🛎️12th and final bell.

To Williams credit, he did make a fight of it, and backed his words up of coming into the fight looking to win it, but Andrade showed pedigree that was a level up from what Liam was able to administer. With credible scores of 📝116-111, 118-109, 118-109, Demetrius Andrade picked up the 30th win of his pro ledger, and secured the 4th defense of his WBO Middleweight Title. Tré Berry of Project Combat had the bout scored 📝117-110.



Everybody knows the name of the game when it comes to his journey, and that is getting the big fights that have eluded the 33 year old titlist throughout his career. If there’s any incentive, seeing him a bit vulnerable may actually heighten his chances of those walls to come down for those potential prospects.

He made one more pitch to fight the other Champions in the division – that being IBF Middleweight legend and Champion 🥈🇰🇿Gennadiy Golovkin, WBC Titlist 🇺🇸Jermall Charlo, and WBA Titlist 🥇🇯🇵Ryota Murata. Us personally for the first time, we feel that one of those titlist may bite and take on the challenge in the back-end of his year, to end the conundrum that Andrade has found himself wrapped in for years upon years. We will ultimately have to see how it all plays out at the end of the day, but for now, he picked up the victory over his game opponent, and had to fight his way to get there.

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