Boots Validates the Hype Further – Dominates, and Knocks Out Lipinets in 6th With Wipeout Performance

Written by Tré Berry III🖊️ | 04/10/2021

If there were any skepticism about the amount of coverage, and praise 🇺🇸Jaron “Boots” Ennis (27-0-0, 25KO👊) had coming into the fight, those doubts should quickly fade from thought. With a display of perfect punch placement, movement, timing, guile, and defense, Boots dissected former Titlist 🇰🇿🇷🇺Sergey “Samurai” Lipinets (16-2-1, 12KO👊) through 6 rounds to become the first man to stop Sergey in his boxing career, and doing so in a manner that will leave fans wondering what’s next to come for the Welterweight prodigy.



The switch-hitting Ennis came out in this bout with the southpaw stance, and the action between he and Lipinets was very tit for tat in the first round, with both fighters finding their footing. In the second round, Ennis found good pockets of success to the body with the left cross from range, and he got a beat on Lipinets ⌚timing, rendering the Kazakh/Russian fighter often out of position to retaliate.


In the third round, Boots turned the burners on, and started to cook. Lipinets did rip off a strong lead right hand to the jaw in the middle of the round, but Ennis took it rather well, and continued to go to work, showcasing that despite all the gifts he is possessed with, that he could also take a good punch as well.

Boots by the 4th round was getting off a blistering cluster of combinations that you only see a handful of current boxers being able to link together. In the round, Ennis snuck in an uppercut that put Sergey down for the second time in his career. He got up, and tried to get some momentum back in the round, but Jaron continued to out-think, and out-gun Sergey sequence by sequence.


The 5th round was a carryover of the 4th, with Boots commanding most of the round, though Lipinets had a very good 20 seconds within the round, deciding to let his hands go, but of course wasn’t enough to overcome the sustained work authored up by Boots throughout the stanza.

Ennis 🧰toolkit was open, and he was using everything in it during this bout – sharp left hands, operating behind the shoulder roll, perfect timing, spinning off the left hook to alter angles, changing eye levels, and impeccable footwork, to the point where he had a legitimate former titlist, and elite level Welterweight contender befuddled, and completely out of his element the entire night.

The 6th round is where everything was put together, and during the round, he ripped in a big right hook that snuck behind Sergey’s guard, and belted him with a 💥left hand that dropped Lipinets flat on his back. There was no need for a count, as he was out cold, and didn’t move any of his extremities at all for about a 1 minute span, which was of course worry-some in the moment. Fortunately after some time passed, he was able to move, and he got up to sit on his stool.



A GRADE FOR ENNIS PERFORMANCE – I mean, you all seen what we seen, and grading him on his overall performance citing the wide variety of skills he showcased, and getting a bump up due to the level of opposition he was in with today, I am forced to give him an A+ grade. Real boxing people coming in understood how good the 23 year old Philly super-prospect/contender is, but tonight’s performance from a tangible aspect validated those claims, and beliefs about his immense amount of abilities. As far as we are concerned, we won’t talk about rankings within the division, but we will leave you with this quote…..the Welterweight division may be in trouble, as a young monster is in the midst, and on the hunt.



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