Herring Outguns Frampton, Puts Him Away in the 6th by TKO Victory – Frampton Also Lives Up to His Pre Fight Word and Calls it a Career

Written by Tré Berry III🖊️ | 04/03/2021

Though the fight by the public and oddsmakers was viewed as a 50/50 bout coming in, it certainly didn’t turn out that way, as America’s Fighting Marine 🇺🇸Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring (23-2-0, 11KO👊) stepped his game up a couple levels, to dominate Ireland great & former 2-div Champ 🇬🇧Carl “Jackal” Frampton (28-3-0, 16KO👊) by 6th sound stoppage. Herring’s stock is now set to 🚀skyrocket, while Frampton lived by his pre-fight word, by announcing his retirement from the sport during the post-fight interview.



The beginning of the fight was interesting, with Jamel Herring pressing forward, putting the pressure on the smaller Frampton, and occasionally 🎯targeting the body. Frampton was naturally looking to counterpunch by getting underneath the taller Herring’s jab, but it was Frampton who periodically got countered with the check-left hook every single time Carl committed to anything.

The name of the game for Carl was to get aggressive and push the tempo, as he was at the disadvantage of the Titlist length and reach. With how sharp Herring was earlier and outdueling Frampton on the inside, and keeping him in check with the jab and cross from range, Frampton found himself lagging behind in the first 3 rounds of the fight.

The 4th round, Frampton opened up a 🩸cut over the right eye of Herring, which forced Herring to step it up, and get aggressive looking to get payback, and a firefight broke out in the 4th. Frampton had great success, but Herring met him at every corner.


The 5th round, Herring caught Frampton with a big left cross while he was coming in, putting him on the seat of his pants for the knockdown. Frampton got up, but the knockdown was unfortunate because up to that point, Carl was certainly winning the round, starting a rally. On my scorecard, I had it a wipeout through 5 rounds, so a sense of desperation began to seep into the picture.

That desperation turned into over-committing from the proud Irish fighter, as he tried to get in, and stay inside, but in round 6, Herring caught him with a perfect, 💥hellacious left uppercut that stopped Carl in his tracks, short-circuiting him, to a slow fall backwards.


Frampton used all his resources to get up, and to convince Referee 🕴️Giustino Di Giovanni that he was okay to continue. He continued, but his shelf-life inside of the ring was short-lived, as Herring continued to punish him, until it was too much for the Jackal, and someone from his corner signaled to stop the fight.



Unfortunately for the world of boxing, Carl Frampton is a man of his word, and after falling short in his big step up opportunity, he stated after the fight that he is indeed going to hang the 🥊🥊boxing gloves up for good, citing all of the sacrifices that he had made throughout his career, missing out on moments with his wife and kids, and wanted to leave the game with all of his faculties in order. One of the gracious Champions in the last few decades career has come to an end, and there will be more on his career to be appreciated here at Project Combat in the upcoming week.



Be it as it stands, the night squarely belongs to Herring, who finally at the age of 35, got the signature name, and victory on his resume that had evaded him, and he retained his WBO Super-Featherweight Title.  I’m not sure if we can truly call this a masterful performance, but it was certainly an outstanding one, as he looked to have 📈ramped it up a couple of levels from his normal output, leaping into the realm of the elite fighters in the division, making his placement at 130 lbs. very interesting going forward.

After the fight, Herring called out & mentioned the name of WBC Titlist 🇲🇽Oscar Valdez, who is also fresh off of his greatest victory when he defeated 🇲🇽Miguel Berchelt for the green belt. Herring shot his shot in the air, stating that a match-up between he and Valdez should bring forth the vacant 👑RING-MAGAZINE Super-Featherweight Title, to be awarded for the winner, and who knows, maybe it could be a possibility❓

There was no mention of 🥈🇺🇸Shakur Stevenson, who I’m sure will have a lot to say, as he is undoubtedly a major player in the overall picture going forward, and one who is, with very little argument, the most talented fighter of the division. Where Herring goes from here? we’ll see, but for now, it is time for the public to give him the respect he deserves.


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