Skills Galore, as Madrimov Takes Kalombo With Technical Brilliance, Wins by 10 Round Decision

Super-Welterweight top world contender 🇺🇿Israil “The Dream” Madrimov (7-0-0, 5KO👊) remains undefeated, as he cleared fellow previously unbeaten 🇨🇩Emmany Kalombo (14-1-0, 14KO👊), nullifying his strengths, and evading his power, taking command to secure the wide Unanimous Decision verdict.

The switch-hitting Uzbekistani natural started the fight in the orthodox stance, and fought as the aggressor, an interesting dynamic considering that Kalombo is normally the one pressing the action in his bouts.

Madrimov is one that likes to ease his way into higher levels of technical volume, and in round 2, started to let his hands go after getting a general understanding of what Kalombo brought to the table.

Madrimov’s skill-level superiority sprung into effect in the third round, sidestepping, timing, and outsmarting Kalombo, who looked confused on how to find the 🎯target, and Israil wasn’t giving him much of a target to even find.

Round 4 is where Madrimov turned around to the southpaw stance, throwing another 🔧wrench into the game planning for the Congo fighter.

Kalombo had some success in the 5th and 6th, sensing the urgency, and began to press forward. His accuracy went up, slightly changing the dynamic of the fight, buy Madrimov continued to shift with his footwork, and pop-shot the overzealous Kalombo.

Madrimov’s bodywork began to pay off in dividends, as Kalombo began to slowly wither from the power administered from the Dream in round 7. Madrimov does seem to mark up easy, and in this fight, despite evading most of the big shots, experienced some swelling around the left eye, and had a bloody nose from a couple of right hands that came in earlier.

Late in the 8th round, as the action picked up, Madrimov clipped Kalombo with a left hook that staggered, and dropped him into the ropes on the way down for an official knockdown. He cleared the 8-count, and was fortunate to hear the 🛎️bell before perhaps being taken out.

Round 9, Madrimov continued to press the action to test the conditioning of Kalombo after feeling the thunder in the previous round. Here is where Emmany Kalombo fully opened up the 🧰toolkit, but still had a hard time landing consistently.

Madrimov closed the show well, and Kalombo did what he could down the stretch, not embarrassing himself in the process, but it was abundantly clear who the winner was after the 10th round concluded.

With scores of 📝100-89, 99-90, and 98-91, Israil Madrimov won by Unanimous Decision victory. Madrimov ripped off his patented acrobatics and backflip to cap his night off, and it brought cheers to the endearing Uzbekistan crowd.

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