Tszyu Delivers, Forces Hogan Corner to Throw in the Towel, Now a Step Closer Towards a Title Shot

The heralded youngster came through and did what was expected of him, as 🇦🇺Tim Tszyu (18-0-0, 14KO👊) was able to keep the pressure on, forcing tough challenger 🇮🇪Dennis Hogan’s (28-4-1, 7KO👊) team to throw in the towel to save their fighter from further sustained punishment 30 seconds before the 5th round bell sounded.

The Irishman caused some bleeding around Tszyu’s left eye early, but it did nothing to slow down the focused native son of Australia. He was as cold, and as calculated as one would expect, eerily reminiscent to his father 👑🇦🇺Kostya Tszyu in that regard.

His performance wasn’t rushed going up against the step-up in competition, and his left hook was whipping quickly, surveying the constantly circling Hogan, and getting his timing down. Hogan fought sloppier than usual, and it came back to bite him in the long run, as it gave Tszyu the openings he needed to exploit.

He first hurt Hogan in round 3 from constantly tomahawking the left hook to the body, and you could see Hogan drop his elbows and crouching, and the crowd sensed the vulnerable moment, as there was a swell from the 🏟️Entertainment Centre in Newcastle, Australia, in which they feverishly grew excited for their man Tim.

Early in the 5th round, Tszyu ripped a sensational left uppercut on the inside that dropped Hogan onto his knees. Hogan got up, but he was in retreat mode for the rest of the round, and although Tszyu didn’t follow up with a consistent follow up attack, it was enough to force Hogan’s corner to throw in the towel for the TKO victory.

This victory will do well for Tszyu’s plans going forward, as he came into this bout ranked #3 contender in the world by the IBF, and as the WBO”s highest ranked contender at #1 on the charts. It is pretty clear at this point what he wants to do as a follow up.

His shot at a world title perhaps may not come next, but he does appear to be ready, and deserving of a shot, as he has his eyes fixated on Super-Welterweight RING/WBA/WBC/IBF Champion of the World 👑🇺🇸Jermell Charlo, and WBO Title holder 🇦🇷Brian Carlos Castaño as the standard bearers to look up to – holding the belts that he covets.

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