A Gentlemen’s Duel – Herring Finally Gets His Big Fight, While Frampton Goes For Hometown History ✈️

The planes are going off to 🇦🇪🏨Dubai, and an important Super-Featherweight fight is set to go down. Coming in as the reigning WBO Champion, America’s Fighting Marine 🇺🇸Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring (22-2-0, 10KO👊) has been chomping at the bit for the biggest matches, and this one certainly fits the bill. He personally also has a lot to prove to naysayer’s, as he is set to do battle against North Ireland’s great former 2-division Champ 🇬🇧Carl “Jackal” Frampton (28-2-0, 16KO👊).

Recognized by many as being the greatest male fighter to come out of all parts of Ireland, he wants to solidify his spot, by becoming the island’s first 3-division Champion at world level. He will also be going after his 5th title. The 34 year old Frampton is putting all of his eggs in the basket here, as he threatens to retire if he were to lose this fight.

Jamel Herring himself is actually older at 35, but considering the wars and mileage on Frampton’s body, comparatively speaking, Herring is in a different portion of his career, as a fresher commodity. Some people have questioned his heart after his DQ win over 🇬🇧Darren Traynor, and like any proud combat veteran, Herring will come in with a chip on his shoulder and look to assert himself.

The size dynamic between the two are very contrasting, with Herring being one of the 📏taller Super-Featherweights in the business, while Frampton is on the short side, with minimal reach, but he is one who is a masterful counterpuncher, that packs plenty of skill in the miniature frame. Who will prevail in this pivotal match❓ we will see. Where it can be seen is on 💻ESPN+ Streaming app, and will take place this Saturday, May 3rd. Keep in mind the location of the bout, so it will go down in earlier times for people watching on the eastern side of the world.

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