Respect in Combat (Oscar Valdez | Miguel Berchelt)

When the moment of reckoning comes about, and you capitalize on it to form the 🔝greatest moment of your career (and possibly in life), jubilation takes over, and fully engulfs you in the moment. As 🇲🇽Oscar Valdez (29-0-0, 23KO👊) was basking in the moment with his team and his family, emotion took over him, as he internalized all of the picks against him for this particular fight, and that alone forms that rare moment that each of us are fortunate to have at least once in life.

While this was happening, 🇲🇽Miguel Berchelt (37-2-0, 33KO👊) felt the full brunt of the knockout punch, and the brutal punishment he took through 10 rounds. After a couple minutes, ringside 🩺medical personnel assisted him back up to his stool. The second Oscar came out of that pocket, and looked at Berchelt, he immediately came over, and knelt down to him in respect – a code that most warriors abide by.

Oscar spoke to Berchelt before Berchelt was taken to a local hospital. Berchelt was cleared by medical staff to go back to his hotel room, which is a good sign going forward. Boxing’s beauty comes from the brutality of the sport, bridging together with the compassion of its consequences, and this picture here tied it all together.

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