Respect in Combat (Dillian Whyte | Alexander Povetkin Rematch)

It is easy to gloat after you come back to defeat your conqueror in the second go-around, and it’s okay to do, as it signifies some of what was pinned up after losing in the first bout. Now when you are concerned about the former conqueror’s health such as 🇯🇲🇬🇧Dillian Whyte was, after knocking 🥇🇷🇺Alexander Povetkin damn near senseless, it is commendable, and has to be noted that Whyte took the stool from his own corner over to Povetkin so that he could sit and regather his bearings, checking upon his condition – code ethic of warriors.

Whyte also continued checking up on Povetkin in the dressing room during the aftermath, as they shared a moment of respect towards one another. At the end of the day, we shouldn’t lose sight of what it’s all about. Povetkin the entire fight did not look right at all, and perhaps may maul over retirement at the 🗓️age of 41. Dillian now has interesting high profile non-title options that he can pursue, and we will see what comes next for the Jamaican/British fighter.

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