Serrano Shows Out in the Big Bout – Outclasses and Knocks the Brave Bermudez Out Late in 9th Round

Written by Tré Berry III🖊️ | 03/25/2021

Many facets of Featherweight Champion 🇵🇷Amanda “Real Deal” Serrano (40-1-1, 30KO👊) were exhibited on full display tonight, outgunning brave current IBF Super-Bantamweight Champion 🇦🇷Daniela Romina Bermudez (29-4-3, 10KO👊), defending her WBC and WBO World Featherweight Titles by way of big knockout that came via form of a hidden body shot.

Both women came out aggressively, with Serrano constantly peppering Bermudez with a sharp 1-2, and catching her with the occasional counter hook, while Bermudez fought off the back foot and landed some impressive shots up the middle to split Serrano’s guard.

Of course, when an orthodox fighter fights a southpaw, the cross becomes a bigger priority, and Bermudez game plan was to catch the lefty Serrano while catching in. Serrano was adamant that Bermudez had never felt the type of power she administers before in her career, so she was bringing the pain behind every punch.


What makes Serrano great is her versatility, and by round 3, she decided to step out to take the role of the boxer, and she gained control of the fight from this point, sticking Bermudez with her educated right jab. Bermudez was stung a couple times in the round, but she bravely fought back immediately after feeling the sting of Serrano’s punches, and threw many shots in abundance, with varying effects.

More side-to-side movement was prevalent in Serrano’s game by round 5, continuing to stick the jab, and circle out of the firing range, and looking to counter the even-stance Bermudez, taking advantage of her sloppy defensive sequences. Though both boxers are ranked in everybody’s top-10 🔱P4P list, you could see the real separation in class by the 6th round, as Serrano was beginning to put on a boxing clinic predicated on timing, precision, and movement.

Round 7 harbored some intriguing action, as Bermudez refused to give in to the mounting pressure put on by Serrano. There was an interesting moment, as Serrano’s Head-Trainer 🥋Jordan Maldonado was ejected from the premises after the round, for using some choice words (no idea what was said), so Serrano was left listening to her secondary voice in her corner, and the fight changed from a strategic one, to an all-out brawl in the 8th round by both Champions.


It seemed like the fight was going to see the 10th round, but in the waning moments of the 9th, Serrano landed a blistering 4-punch combination that ended with a mega right hook to the body. Bermudez felt the damage in a delayed reaction, and turned her back to Amanda to take a knee. As she was in withering pain, she could not beat the count, and Serrano picked up her 30th knockout, in another signature victory in her career.

Bermudez had not lost a bout since 2014, so that qualifies as an extra 🪶feather that Serrano has in her hat when it comes to her placement on her side of the sport. In my personal view, she should universally be looked at as one of the 🔱three best women fighters in the world, and some people may even look to take it a step further and ranking her higher, considering her ability to box, brawl, counter, and her game-changing knockout ability that truthfully, most women in the sport do not possess in their arsenal – well done Serrano.

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