Both on Long Undefeated Streaks – Something Has to Give, as Serrano and Bermudez Meet For a Title Bout

In women’s boxing, there is a consensus four at this point that fit atop the ranks on the 🔱Pound-4-Pound list, but there is one that seldom gets the coverage deserving of her talent…some of it unfortunate, a portion of it due to moves made that keep her off the radar. I am talking about 7-division titlist & current WBC/WBO Featherweight Champion 🇵🇷Amanda “Real Deal” Serrano (39-1-1, 29KO👊).

Now while she doesn’t gets top coverage, her opponent hardly gets any, as she has carved out a nice career of her own, that being 3-division titlist & current IBF Super-Bantamweight Titlist 🇦🇷Daniela Romina Bermudez (29-3-3, 10KO👊), who is looking to win a belt in her 4th weight class, and is looking to stamp her legacy.

Amanda Serrano has not lost a bout since 2012, while Bermudez has not lost a fight since 2014, so something has to give. Who will it go to? you can catch this Unification bout on 📺NBC Sports Network, and can also be accessed by the Network application on Thursday night.

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