Seniesa Estrada Wins Her 1st World Title in Dominating Fashion, Defeats Longtime Champion Anabel Ortiz

One of, if not the best prospect that was going in women’s boxing in recent years was 🇺🇸Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada (20-0-0, 8KO👊), doing the majority of her impressive work as contender in both the Flyweight, and Light-Flyweight divisions. Moving down in weight, her first shot in the title picture came against long-reigning WBA Minimumweight Champion 🇲🇽Anabel Ortiz (31-4-0, 4KO👊), who’s tenure as a Champion spanned roughly 8 ½ years, and had 12 title defenses under her belt.

All good things must come to an end, as Ortiz more than met her match, she was dominated by the 28 year old East L.A. former prospect through 10 full rounds of action, by official Judge scores of 📝99-90, 100-89, 100-89. Estrada outboxed her from distance, roughed her up inside, switched routinely from southpaw to orthodox, and vice versa to cut off the smaller Champion’s escape routes.

Estrada in round 2 put the then-Champion Ortiz down with a right hook.


Ortiz got up, and for the rest of the fight, was searching for answers as Estrada, and an intelligent gameplan, took away all of the tactics that Ortiz uses to nullify her opponents, putting her in a constant state of flux.

Ortiz face showed plenty of wear and tear at the end of ten, with both eyes swelling, and a welt that formed on her temple, but she fought to the best of her ability. She was gracious in defeat, as Estrada showed the former Champion her proper respect in a classy gesture after the fight, holding her hand up.


Estrada after her fight expressed her desires to become Undisputed Strawweight Champion, and wants to fight all of the titlists at ⚖️Light-Flyweight, as well as ⚖️Flyweight – lofty ambitions to go after before she hangs ’em up in the future, but just based off the eye test, she certainly looks capable to do that, or to make that pursuit interesting.

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