This Time it Was Made Definitive – McCaskill Puts in Enough Work to Defeat Brækhus in 10 to Truly be Considered Undisputed Champion

This fight had bad blood written all over it, as both went out to settle the score in their rematch. This time around, 👑🇺🇸Jessica “CasKILLA” McCaskill (10-2-0, 3KO👊) made the verdict more definitive, and left the doubts at the door, as she defeated former Champ 🇨🇴🇳🇴Cecilia “The First Lady” Brækhus (36-2-0, 9KO👊), whose reflexes seemed to have dulled at the latter stage of her career. McCaskill defended her RING-MAGAZINE and WBA/WBC/WBO/IBF World Titles, & now sits in the crosshairs of other major fights against more of the best that women’s boxing has to offer.


McCaskill came out extra aggressive, looking to pressure the 39 year old vet, and not give her any time to think, or to set up, to establish her rangier attack. Cecilia landed some nice right hands through the round, but at the end of it, McCaskill landed a good right hand that stunned the former Champion.


McCaskill once again landed a 💣bomb of an overhand right that made Cecilia’s legs buckle. Through the 2nd and 3rd round, McCaskill continued to exert her physical dominance, but in round 4, Cecilia began to find her groove from the outside with the jab, and sneaking the right hand in at range.

Brækhus shortcoming is that she had no defense for the overhand right, at all, as McCaskill kept throwing it, and it kept making contact. The first half of the 6th round, McCaskill put in some quality work, while Cecilia closed the round strong, pop-shotting the Champion successfully. Cecilia continued the momentum going into the 6th round, and had perhaps her best round of the bout at this juncture of the fight.


Round 7, Referee 🕴🏾Rafael Ramos unfavorably made his presence known, taking a point from Brækhus due to ridiculous warnings of excessive holding, which by the fight that took place, should not have warranted any ⚠️warnings, at all. There was some holding, but customary to what was a physically grueling fight, which will naturally harbor some clinches.

Brækhus down the stretch finished stronger, as McCaskill started to tire, and her punches came out wide. The problem for Brækhus was that although she was catching up, she got so far behind the 🎱8-ball, that it was a difficult mountain to climb. The 10th and final round belongs to Cecilia, but the consensus we got was that the fight was close, but largely in McCaskill’s favor.

The official scorecards were embarrassingly wide, but the right winner got her hand raised at the end of the day, with Jessica McCaskill by 📝Unanimous Decision defending her RING/WBA/WBC/WBO/IBF Women’s Welterweight Titles in grand fashion. The odd thing was that I don’t think neither fighter fought well in this fight from a pure skill breakdown, and that the first fight was a cleaner one in that regard, but the second fight was perhaps more entertaining, as they both went for it.

Cecilia, showing some dull at the age of 39 insisted that she wants to keep fighting, regardless of it it is another rematch with McCaskill, or anybody else of note. McCaskill finds herself right in the thick of the sweepstakes for possibly another fight against 👑🥇🇮🇪Katie Taylor to avenge an earlier loss, or even for a 👑🥇🥇🇺🇸Claressa Shields, if she decides to push herself physically to drop down to Welterweight, so it’s safe to say that she sits in a good spot.


✎ Javier Alvarez = 98 – 91 for JESSICA MCCASKILL
✎ Gloria Martinez Rizzo = 99 – 90 for JESSICA MCCASKILL
✎ Chris Tellez = 100 – 90 for JESSICA MCCASKILL
✎ Tré Berry III = 96 – 93 for JESSICA MCCASKILL

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