The Deciding Rematch – McCaskill & Brækhus to Battle in Awaited Second Meeting for Undisputed Claim

The first fight lived up to the expectations, and through the action, the verdict was a disputed one, one that was looked at as controversial in some circles. 👑🇺🇸Jessica “CasKILLA” McCaskill (9-2-0, 3KO👊) got the Majority Decision nod over former longtime division Queen 🇨🇴🇳🇴Cecilia “The First Lady” Brækhus (36-1-0, 9KO👊), to dethrone and cut short her historic 25 title defense reign, to become the new, reigning RING/WBA/WBC/WBO/IBF Female Welterweight Champion of the World.

For Brækhus, this was the first loss of her 37 fight, 📜13 year dominant professional campaign, but to Cecilia, she didn’t believe she had lost that bout, and was disappointed in the judges ruling, although she made sure to show grace and a congratulatory disposition towards McCaskill for her now walking through the corridors of history.

As for Jessica McCaskill, she literally made it out of the mud. Enduring homelessness and poverty during her youth, she made her bones as a raw commodity, and picked up on boxing. She learned on the job, and found herself in some notable fights along the way, that in return, turned her life around. Early on in her career, she had her shot at a Lightweight Title against active boxing legend 👑🥇🇮🇪Katie Taylor, to where Taylor dominated her for the title defense. She learned from her hiccup, and came back with championship pedigree, winning back-to-back titles in her next 2 fights.

Cecilia Brækhus is currently 39 years of age, and one wonders when her journey will come to an end. Whether she loses, and has the mindset of this being the last chapter, or if she succeeds in winning all 5 of her titles back and viewing it as a perfect 🦢swan song, it makes this bout that much more intriguing. Given her age, and citing that her energy was flat in the first fight due to overtraining, she and her team have been using more strategic training in moderation to strike the balance between preparation, and maximizing/leveling out her energy to be properly equipped come fight night for the rematch.


McCaskill hears the chatter that has been said in some circles, and despite being ♛Undisputed Champion, she may not feel as such because of that, even though she holds all of the hardware – so it gives her that much motivation to prove to people that she is legitimately the best female Welterweight in the business. During virtual press conferences this week, Cecilia was unusually frosty, and you could feel the heightened tension this time around, which may indicate that they will go harder in the rematch, with everything laid out on the table, and as boxing spectators, we’re all for it.

The fight will be the 📍co-main event, that will be shown before Estrada and Chocolatito’s rematch, and will be shown by 💻DAZN, on Saturday night, March 13th.

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