The Art of War – Berchelt & Valdez to Wear the Prideful Cloak of Mexico On Their Backs Coming Into Their Super-Featherweight Showdown 🔥

Playing out every single scenario in our heads, we can’t find a conceivable reason for why we shouldn’t get the type of fight that I’m sure we are ALL expecting, and that of course is an all-out Mexican war due to their locked in styles and mindset, that may reflect past legendary Mexican encounters. On Saturday, 🇲🇽Miguel “El Alacran” Berchelt (37-1-0, 33KO👊) will put his WBC Super-Featherweight, and his RING #1 contender ranking on the line, against fellow war-minded, former WBO Featherweight World Titlist 🇲🇽Oscar Valdez (28-0-0, 22KO👊), who is looking upward to take on the major gamble.

Both in many ways 🪞mirror each other, when it comes to their styles, skills, abilities, mentality, and even their weaknesses. They are both offensive-minded dynamos, who sometimes trade in their technique, for tenacity and guts to help drive home their offense to get the job done.

Both are tough as nails, and both have deficiencies in their overall defense. The one difference between the two of course is that Berchelt is the naturally bigger, taller, rangier man.  One thing to keep an eye on that may tip the scales for the smaller Valdez, and that is his more recent pairing with the great 🥋Eddy Reynoso, as his Head-Trainer.

With Reynoso arguably being the best Trainer in the sport, and being able to drill in the fundamental side of the sport, perhaps Valdez may pick up enough to sure up some of his deficiencies to put him into a prime position to take home the 🟢green belt? We will see, but Reynoso’s track record speaks for itself, which makes the timing of their pairing very intriguing for their chances. This fight will be on 📺ESPN.


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