Castaño Easily Cruises, Wins the WBO Super-Welterweight Title by Shutting Out Teixeira in 12

Argentinian skilled pugilist 🇦🇷Brian Carlos Castaño (17-0-1, 22KO👊) might be the best fighter in boxing that no one ever talks about.  Well after tonight, that narrative will be forced to change, as he defeated 🇧🇷Patrick Teixeira (31-2-0, 22KO👊) to become the new WBO Super-Welterweight belt holder, bolstering his position towards getting the biggest fights in the division.

Castaño, the much smaller man, with 📏shorter reach, utilized his superior technique and worked a feverish pitch on the inside, pivoting, and weaving to get underneath Teixeira’s reach, while Teix looked uncomfortable trying to establish a jab to keep his friend off of him.

Teixeira’s poor habit of not moving his head was taken advantage of by the challenger, who repeatedly snuck in lead right hands and left hooks.  Brian found home constantly with the hook to the body.  As time went in, Teixeira increasingly looked to be out of his element, trying to adapt to a style that doesn’t suit what he is capable of doing, but that was an indicator of him knowing that what he typically likes to do simply wasn’t going to work against this opponent.

To Patrick’s credit, he did find some success in the 6th round by raking an occasional 💪left hook to the body, to slightly take Castaño out of his rhythm.  One thing about Castaño though, is that he always keeps at a measured pace, has great defense, and his accuracy rivals some of the best in the sport currently, and the pace in which he attacked Teixeira, it didn’t allow Teix to plant his feet to fire his power punches.

It was all in a days work for the proud Argentinian fighter, who finally broke through on the Championship scene, obtaining the WBO Super-Welterweight Title by virtual shutout.  A potential fight with Super-Welterweight Kingpin 👑🇺🇸Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (34-1-0, 18KO👊) is now more than ever, a very likely reality, as that fight would be one to yield an Undisputed berth by proxy.


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