Mauricio Lara Scores 9th Round KO Over Josh Warrington, to Put in His Bid For Early 2021 Upset of the Year

🚨Upset alert!, IBF world ranked Featherweight 🇲🇽Mauricio “Bronco” Lara (22-2-0, 15KO👊) put his all into this big opportunity, and dropped 🇬🇧Josh “Leeds Warrior” Warrington (30-1-0, 7KO👊) down twice, and eventually out in the 8th round, to be the first to beat the highly ranked Warrior from Leeds.  Lara’s victory, albeit early in the year, should certainly remain a relevant choice for 2021 Upset of the Year as the year continues to unfold.

An aggressive first round broke out, with Warrington jumping out on the younger fighter, and the power-punching Lara winging wide, looping 🥊punches and taking his chances.  Warrington, despite being 16 months away from the ring, looked to mix it up a little, and for a small pocket, looked fresh, but his performance grew increasingly erratic as the time went on.


Lara, while possessing speedy hands, was slow of foot, and through nothing but roundhouse lefts & rights, showing lack of technique, instead, hanging his hat on his guts and tenacity to try and keep him in the fight.  Lara caught lightning in a 🍾bottle and severely wobbled him with a left hook.  With his equilibrium gone, Lara worked Warrington down to the mat.

Warrington got up severely staggered, and with about 20 seconds left in the 4th round, somehow just barely survived it to get back to his corner.  He was so unsteady on his legs, that he couldn’t get back to his stool unassisted, and he was still wobbly getting off his 🪑stool for the 5th round.  Warrington exhibited guts in re-establishing himself to have a strong 5th round to restore some type of order.

By the 6th round, Lara’s right eye was completely closed from a bevy of left hooks from Warrington, but it didn’t deter Lara’s efforts, who had proven up to this point, and far earlier, that he was here to go out and win this fight.  That’s what he successfully did as he hurt, and knocked out Warrington emphatically in the 8th round with a giant 💥left hook, to score the significant upset over the prior ranked RING #1 Featherweight in the world, to shake the apple cart.



Concern set over Warrington, as his health was in question as he was laying flat on his back, and the medical team jumping in to get to his aid, but Warrington’s condition was fine, relatively speaking.  The 🔦spotlight now on Lara, what an incredible night for the underdog from Mexico.

He was previously on the IBF’s radar as a contender, and on the fringe in the other sanctioning bodies, but this personal performance will blow the door off the hinges, and will put him in the thick of the 🔝top 5 in the Featherweight division.

Warrington’s strong campaign in the last 3 years should keep him highly ranked as well, given the fighters he has defeated, and most likely will rank directly behind Lara in effect.

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