Warrington’s Bold, Commendable Move, and His Upcoming Bout as He Looks Upwards to Supremacy

Written by Tré Berry III🖊️ | 02/08/2021

As a notable boxer of upper-echelon ability and/or esteemed pedigree, if you aren’t willing to position yourself towards winning a 👑RING-MAGAZINE Title in your respective weight division, or to even vie for ♛TBRB recognition as the man in your weight class, then you are wasting both you, and your viewers time as spectators, as it indicates that you are not willing to venture out, to fight the best.

With that being said, looking at the specific case of 🇬🇧Josh “Leeds Warrior” Warrington (30-0-0, 7KO👊), he decided to make a bold, calculated move, by looking at the bigger picture and positioning himself for a mega fight so that a new RING-MAG Champion in the Featherweight division manifests, and Warrington believes himself to one day hold the multi-colored Title to signify him as thee man in the division, and for that, I commend him in making his pursuit a priority.

The consequences for doing so had resulted in him being stripped of his 🔴IBF Featherweight Title, but Warrington per his decisions, had made it abundantly clear that he is only gunning for the only belt that truly matters in boxing, and that the alphabet titles if he were to adhere to their guidelines, mandatories, and fighter rollout, would stifle his efforts to obtain that big fight.

In the mean time, while #1 ranked RING contender Josh Warrington continues to pursue working on deals to fight #2 🇺🇸Gary Russell Jr., or #3 🇨🇳Xu Can (which would still constitute Warrington eligible to win the RING Title if Russell refuses to fight) Warringon this Saturday will fight a stay-busy fight against Mexico’s 🇲🇽Mauricio “Bronco” Lara (21-2-0, 14KO👊), who has gained contender recognition by 1 of the 4 alphabet organizations. The fight will take place at Wembley Stadium, and can be viewed on DAZN’s streaming service.

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