Ryan Garcia Overcomes Adversity Via Early Knockdown, to Knock Out Luke Campbell With a Body Shot

Written by Tré Berry III🖊️ | 01/02/2021

The fight truly lived up to its expectations, and the rising star power is now officially warranted inside of the boxing ring, as 🇺🇸Ryan “KingRy” Garcia (21-0-0, 18KO👊) remains unbeaten, surviving getting knocked to the mat early, battling back, to cripple 🥇🇬🇧“Cool Hand” Luke Campbell (20-4-0, 16KO👊) with a devastating rib shot that took away the fervor, and legs from the decorated Brit.  The man nicknamed “KingRy” now possesses the 🟢WBC “Interim” Lightweight Title, and his star-power unlocks the doors towards all of the major fights that harbor out there in the division.

RYRY 100


Two of the tallest fighters in the Lightweight division came out a little hot, behind their defense.  Garcia came forward as the aggressor, brazenly taking his chances and picking his spots, and electing to stand right in front of Luke,  A Garcia right hand shook up Luke a little bit in the first round.

Ryan’s unrivaled handspeed was a tough task for Campbell to get used to, but he started to get more comfortable towards the backend of the 1st round.  Campbell decided to shift his focus to landing singular power shots to the body, with the intent to slow down the speedier, younger fighter in later rounds – although those later rounds never materialized.

Garcia unleashed a strong combination midway through round 2, but all punches were blocked, as he was able to get out the way.  All of a sudden, 💥BANG, Luke flattened Garcia with a megalithic left hand that landed right on the button, taking advantage of Garcia dropping his right hand.  Ryan got up, comporting himself well to get outside of the round.


Garcia fell into the trap of standing right in front of Luke instead of utilizing angles, or using his footwork to get out the way, and even after the knockdown, he was still standing too much in range for Luke to find him.  Luke’s defense was especially sharp, picking off Garcia’s flurries, though Ryan did some good body work towards the backend of the 3rd stanza.


Campbell began to mix it up more to the head and the body, keeping young Ryan guessing.  Garcia landed a very solid right hand to the body that visibly effected the Brit, and from there, Ryan’s confidence grew in letting his hands go more.  Garcia’s check-left hook caused problems for Luke early in the 5th.


The flow of the action was 🔗deadlocked, as both refused to give up an inch in the pocket.  A lead right hand from Garcia stopped Campbell in his tracks, but Luke was able to follow up by getting his head off line to follow up with a 1-2.  Garcia hurt Campbell badly with a killer left hook at the 🛎️5th round bell, and Luke was rendered frozen with his arms on the ropes.

How would Luke react in round 6 after tasting the power not too well, as Garcia went right after him with multiple combinations, hitting the lefty who was still on very shaky legs.  The onslaught tapered off from Garcia, and Luke was able to regain his composure.  He effectively counterpunched during the mid portion of the round with the left cross, and the right hook, getting some semblance of control back.


It was the 7th round where Ryan’s stardom was warranted inside of the ring, when he crippled Luke Campbell with a nasty 🧨left hook to the ribs, and he crumbled down to the mat in a fit of agony.  You could literally see Campbell talking to himself, wanting to get up, but wasn’t sure how he was going to, as he body failed to listen to the minds signals to rise up.



Upon getting this victory, Ryan Garcia now holds the WBC “Interim” Lightweight Title.  This has also propelled himself to becoming the mandatory for “regular” WBC Lightweight Title Holder 🇺🇸Devin “The Dream” Haney (25-0-0, 15KO👊).


With their extensive youth-rooted rivalry now being pushed to the spotlight due to their growing public profiles, each is very cognizant of their 6 scraps at the amateur level, with both Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney tied at winning 3 fights a piece.  When they fight, they can officially look at this one as the 🪢tie-breaker, while the focus will also be on both pushing themselves 📈upward on the Lightweight 🗿Totem-Pole.

Of course the man that holds all the significant belts in the division is 👑🇺🇸Teofimo “Takeover” Lopez (16-0-0, 12KO👊).  He has expressed recently in an interview that he was interested in fighting the winner of Campbell/Garcia, so naturally, Garcia now made himself a viable option towards fighting for all the belts in the stacked Lightweight division.


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