Behold, the Boxing Ring, Where Sometimes Dreams Do Come True (Ali Akhmedov vs. Carlos Gongora)

Co-headlining for DAZN-hosted GGG-Szeremeta card, well regarded Kazakh standout 🇰🇿Ali Akhmedov (16-1-0, 12KO👊) came in unbeaten, looking to take the next step in his budding career by having his eyes fixated on the vacant World IBO Middleweight trinket.  The replacement opponent for this bout was 🇪🇨Carlos Gongora (19-0-0, 14KO👊) of Ecuador, taking the gamble on short notice.

During his time in the amateurs, he made his name known in the 2012 Olympics. Since turning professional, he too came in undefeated like Akhmedov had, but his name recognition fell through the cracks, while Ali got the spotlight, and this was the night where Gongora could turn all of that around.


It nearly fell apart as Akhmedov blitzed him in the 2nd round, hurting him badly twice. Gongora survived, and stuck it out, and as the rounds ensued, Ali’s stamina began to betray him, and Gongora’s confidence grew as he realized that he had taken the Kazakh’s best shots, and was still around to fight.

A huge momentum shift was happening around the 8th stanza, rocking Akhmedov for the first time. In the 9th, 10th, and 11th round, both engaged in back and forth action, fighting towards a gridlock as the scoring portion of the fight was now in doubt.

The 🛎️12th round came, and Gongora seized the moment fully. He dropped Ali with a sharp uppercut. Getting up visibly in trouble, a minute later in the 12th round, Gongora finished the fight by dropping him again, to where the Referee counted him out after seeing the condition that Akhmedov was in, and just like that, Carlos Gongora had pulled off the major betting upset, and administered the first loss in Akhmedov’s career.


In offering up some insight into his mental state prior to the start of the 12th, Gongora told Interviewer 🎧🎤Todd Grisham, “I was a little worn down for the 12th round, as you can tell. But I knew I had to dig deep, and I knew he had to dig deep as well. And I just found it deep down inside, and I had to pull it out of me, and I had to trade with him and win that last round to get the win.”.


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