Prospect Watch Week of December 20th: Results

It was a strong showing for all of the fighters on this past weekend’s Prospect Watch. Here are the results for Reshat Mati, Raymond Ford, Brandun Lee and Austin Williams.

🇺🇸Reshat Mati picked up his ninth win as a pro Friday night on the Golovkin- Szeremeta undercard.

The 22 year old Welterweight prospect from Staten Island controlled the action throughout over 🇰🇪Dennis Okoth (4-5-1, 2KO), who had taken Mati the farthest he’s been as a pro before a leg injury in the sixth round made him a sitting duck for Mati’s shots and the referee jumped in ending the 27 year old Kenyans night.

Post fight Mati (9-0-0, 7KO) stated that he couldn’t feel either of his hands or make a fist and he felt the injuries after the opening round. Looks like there will be some healing up to do for Mati, who finishes the year 3-0, 3KO, going into next year and hopefully the hand injuries don’t linger and prove to be an issue long term.

Featherweight prospect 🇺🇸Raymond Ford (8-0-0, 4KO) looks sharper everytime he steps in the ring. That trend continued Saturday night on the Canelo Alvarez – Callum Smith undercard in San Antonio.

The 21 year old southpaw from Camden, New Jersey has always put his hand speed on display in the ring, but it’s becoming apparent that he is finding his strength as his punches are packing plenty of pop when landing on the opposition. 

Mexico’s 🇲🇽Juan Antonio Lopez (15-8-0, 6KO) 26, fell twice under Ford’s assault. Both knockdowns came from right hooks delivered by Ford, the first in the opening round and the second in the seventh round, which to the crowds dismay kept Lopez on his knee as the referee administered the ten count.

Ford finishes 2020 at 3-0, 2KO and with him finding his power and sharpening that right hook, he remains one to watch as his development continues in 2021.

It was an easy night for Welterweight prospect 🇺🇸Brandun Lee. Lee teed off on his opponent 🇺🇸Dakota Linger (12-5-2, 8KO) until the referee halted the bout in the third round. While Linger proved tough he didn’t prove to have the skillset or firepower to thwart anything Lee (21-0-0, 19KO) sent his way.

Even through just two and a half rounds the action was already one sidedly repetitive with Lee delivering punishment and Linger proving that he could find a way to not hit the canvas. Honestly Lee, who finishes the year 4-0, 4KO, appeared bored in this one and 2021 will be the year for the competition to get heavier for the promising 21 year old.

There was no time to waste for 🇺🇸Austin “Ammo” Williams Saturday night.

The 24 year old southpaw from Milwaukee hurt 🇺🇸Isiah Jones, a Detroit native with a left hand just 1:15 into the opening round and went in for the kill, forcing the referee to wave the bout off at the 1:29 mark. Williams (7-0-0, 6KO) becomes the first fighter to stop Jones (9-4-0, 3KO) and moves to 3-0 with 3 knockouts in 2020.

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