We Present To You…The Robbery Of the 2020 Calendar Year (Manny Rodriguez vs. Reymart Gaballo)

What feels like a 💿broken record, continues to play as the needle keeps touching it. Our frustration is merely a reflection for what is an 🚫ongoing problem in the world of boxing.  With the “interim” WBC Bantamweight Title on the line, step-in opponent 🇵🇭Reymart Gaballo (24-0-0, 20KO👊) was given his early Christmas gift, being awarded a highly controversial split-decision over contender 🇵🇷Emmanuel Rodriguez (19-2-0, 12KO👊), in a fight that Manny clearly exhibited full command over, especially down the stretch.

Rodriguez emphasis for this fight was to use footwork on the outside, and use the timely forceful jab to keep the awkward, aggressive powerpunching Gaballo off-balanced, and did a very good job doing so.  The first half of the fight, Gaballo did so a solid job coming forward, landing left hooks to the body, and sneaking in a few shots to the chest. 

By the midpoint of the fight, Rodriguez stepped it up a few notches, and began to take over with the jab, and getting Gaballo to reach repeatedly over his 🦶🏽front foot.  Manny had full control of the fight in the last three rounds, which should have erased any lingering doubts that may have existed in the mid rounds, and did so until the 12th and 🛎️final bell.


Hearing the scorecards read, haunting memories accumulated throughout the years had surfaced, and those past demons resurfaced once again, and Rodriguez was short-changed of his efforts, while Reymart Gaballo was in full celebratory mode, basking in the decision administered by the judges. 



Something needs to happen with Judging in boxing, yet all that happens is people in power merely talking about it, without any recourse whatsoever.  It has gotten out of hand, and it destroys effected boxers efforts towards gaining momentum for stature and monetary status…..and Rodriguez is the latest boxer to get stuck in boxing’s crosshairs.


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