GGG Destruction Overwhelms Kamil Szeremeta, Forces Ref Stoppage After the 7th For IBF Title Defense

Long layoffs for an aged fighter can work two different ways, historically speaking.  Either onset rust will be exhibited in their comeback bout, or they get a chance to rest the old body, refreshing themselves to put forth a performance to the best of their true capabilities.  For Middleweight legend / current IBF Middleweight World Titlist 🥈🇰🇿Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (41-1-1, 36KO👊👊), he was certainly the latter, as he looked how he used to look 4-5 years ago.

He also managed to knock down #1 IBF mandatory contender 🇵🇱Kamil Szeremeta (21-1-0, 5KO👊) down 4 times in this contest in a precision-like fashion, securing the stoppage after round 7, forcing the Referee to stop the fight.


Golovkin from the onset was carefully circling off of the back foot looking to see what Kamil was bringing to the table.  After 30 seconds, he started throwing the piston-jab, throwing the rhythm off for the Polish fighter.  Golovkin made the wise decision to arc his right hand over and around the guard, as Szeremeta made an emphasis to take the straight right hand away.  Golovkin put Szeremeta on the seat of his backside with a blistering left hook in the waning seconds of the round.


Prior to that shot, GGG shook him with an uppercut, and the residuals of that, plus what followed was the thunder needed…⚡Kazakh Thunder that is.  Golovkin in round 2 changed his tactics and pushed forward with heavy emphasis on the front foot, pressuring Kamil with the jab, and intimidating him to the point of speeding him up.  A big right hand wobbled Kamil once again midway through the second round.

A shot to the temple from Golovkin put Szeremeta’s down to the canvas once again late in the second round.  He would get up, but by this point, already looked discouraged.  GGG in the second half of the third round mixed it  up very well with sneaky uppercuts on the inside, left hooks to the liver, power jabbing, and continuing to land the round-housed right hand.


Another 💣explosive left hook jarred Szeremeta, and dropped right back down to the mat for a 3rd time in the fight.  He didn’t look like he wanted any more parts of the action assessing his body language, but he did get up, and used his survival skills to escape the 4th round.  Golovkin started relying on his counterpunching in round 5, showing the many different facets to his game, and confusing Kamil even more.


A rare moment in time at the end of the 5th when he (yes, Golovkin…) exhibited impeccable head movement in a very impressive defensive display that made me raise my eyebrow – apparently the work with Head-Trainer 🥋Jonathan Banks has paid off in adding different components to his game.

Golovkin landed a beautiful left hook, uppercut, power jab combination in the 6th round, as he continued to control the pace and action of the fight.  Golovkin in round 7 went searching for the knockout, getting extra aggressive.  Two concussive jab knocked Kamil straight back, and down for a 4th time in the fight.  Kamil Szeremeta kept showcasing his durability by getting up, wearing it as a 🛡️badge of honor.


As Kamil got back to the corner, Referee 🕴️Telis Assimenios decided that he had enough brutal punishment, and waived off the fight, and Golovkin got to claim the TKO7 victory.  Golovkin with the win secured another Title defense to get the recognition he deserves.  As reported in the original write-up for this fight when fight week came around.  Here a quote.



“Golovkin for quite some time held on to the (Regular) WBA Middleweight Title while 🇩🇪Felix Sturm had the real WBA world title.  If that is taken into account, then that means that Golovkin’s WBA run truly started when Sturm lost to 🇦🇺Daniel Geale on September 1st, 2012, which means that Golovkin’s true WBA run actually started against 🇵🇱Gregorz Proksa.

With that being said, Gennadiy Golovkin at this present time is truly at 15 title defenses, which still impressively pits Golovkin as second all-time for Middleweight regarding belts of alphabet variety, but also means that he would still have some ways to go to catch, and to surpass Bernard Hopkins in that regard.”



Golovkin in multiple facets looked fantastic tonight, and it keeps the doors open towards seeking and garnering great fights with the other top-notch fighters at, and harboring around the division.  Tomorrow, his career rival, and fellow Pound-4-Pound great 👑🇲🇽Saul “Canelo” Alvarez fighting a big fight tomorrow….IF Canelo wins tomorrow, who knows…MAYBE we will get to see GGG vs Canelo III? It’s very possible, and obviously fighting on the same weekend, their times lines up perfectly – So…I don’t see why it CAN’T happen.


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