Anthony Joshua Emphatically Ends Kubrat Pulev’s Night With Right Hand for 9th Round Knockout

A reset, vintage performance was put forth by 🥇🇬🇧Anthony “AJ” Joshua (24-1-0, 22KO👊), of old wrinkles that won him his Gold-Medal, and new wrinkles he seemed to pick up after his lone defeat.  Joshua tonight retained his WBA, WBO and IBF Heavyweight Titles after putting 🇧🇬Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev (28-2-0, 14KO👊) down four times in the fight, and out, putting a nail in the coffin to end his night in style, including getting closer to “The Mega Bout”.



A slow, cautious 1st round 🪞reflected the tension between the two that both men were bringing into the ring.  AJ in round two started going to the basement with the jab to change Pulev’s eye level, while Kubrat was still trying to figure out how to get around AJ’s high  guard.  A lethal right-cross by Joshua wobbled Kubrat badly, and Pulev never recovered, as Joshua wailed on him with an endless supply of power shots, forcing Kubrat to turn his back on AJ, and take a knee.

Later in the round as Joshua continued to hunt, dropped Pulev emphatically with a big uppercut.  Getting up, he was very fortunate to escape the 🛎️third round without being stopped.  Pulev cheap-shotted Joshua after the round, so AJ hit him right back to command respect.  In the 4th round, the action dimmed down a bit as both boxers reset their tactics towards the others adjustments.  AJ showed intelligent poise peppering Kubrat with his superior jab from the outside, which is where Joshua holds all the advantages over the Bulgarian fighter.


A rangy right hand once again got the attention of Pulev in round 5, where he seemed to be at his mercy of his 1-2 combination.  Pulev, fighting frustrated, was fighting a dirty fight, throwing repeated rabbit punches, also holding and hitting.  Joshua had an impressive sequence in round 7, throwing a 🥊10-punch combination consisting of uppercuts from both hands, and hooks, with much of them splitting the guard of Pulev while he was shelled up behind his guard.


Pulev’s best punch was a right hand that landed cleanly in the 8th round, but Joshua took it well, and authored up some firepower of his own, just enough to keep Pulev honest.  A series of lethal uppercuts slammed Kubrat to the mat.  Kubrat got up very weary, and didn’t seem like he wanted any more, but the Referee 🕴️Deon Duarte allowed him to continue.


Joshua then put all notions to rest as he landed a 💥nasty right hand that reduced Pulev to pancake batter, and Kubrat Pulev wascounted out, securing an impressive knockout victory over Pulev, and ending the night of a fighter that Joshua does not particularly like – which is a rarity in AJ’s orbit.  They did however show good sportsmanship after the fight though, both having a warrior code mantra moment, hyped up, slamming gloves as a sign of respect after doing battle.



This victory and performance brings Joshua closer towards an Undisputed Heavyweight World Championship match with RING/WBC Champion of the World 👑🇬🇧Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury (30-0-1, 21KO👊) closer to fruition.  There is a lot of red tape to get through, but it seems more likely at this point that we will get this one in the near future, for what would clearly be the biggest fight in Britain’s history, as well as one of the best fights that could be made in all of boxing today.



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