Edgar Berlanga Goes Into Monster Mode, Once Again Gets 1st Round Stoppage, Over Ulises Sierra

Raw power is something that can’t truly be taught.  What you see out of 🇵🇷Edgar “The Chosen One” Berlanda (16-0-0, 16KO👊👊) is the rare ability of raw power and accuracy, and he showed it again as he stopped 🇺🇸Ulises Sierra (15-2-2, 9KO👊) late in the first round to keep the streak alive, which will continue to galvanize, and bring in new fans for his growing brand as a quickly rising prospect.

Edgar Berlanga’s first left hook landed gave Sierra happy feet, indicating that Sierra felt, and worried about the impact of the punch landing.  Later in the 1st round, Edgar landed roughly 4 overhand right hands in a row, and Sierra crumbled from the pressure of the power.  Edgar then went into destroy mode, and sent Sierra crashing into the ropes, which was technically ruled a knockdown by assigned Referee 🕴️Russell Mora Jr.  Sierra to remind people in his career had never tasted the canvas, but he was already down twice in the fight.


Edgar late in the first round threw a 💥left hook that was technically blocked, but the impact of the shot was so hard, that the impact put him down once again, and just like that, Berlanga extended his streak of first round knockouts to 16.  I know people want to see him get some rounds in, but you can’t hold it against him that he keeps getting guys out of there in the first round – fighters who previous to facing Berlanga, has never been stopped in their careers.  The story goes on for the 🇵🇷Puerto Rican kid from Brooklyn.


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