Sparring Session🥊🥊: (Week of December 5th)

Written by Tré Berry & Jon Uddin🖊️ | 12/09/2020

Jon Uddin and Tré Berry this week are set to discuss Spence’s strong comeback performance, Trainer talk regarding Angel Garcia’s presence, and whether or not Danny Garcia is now a ⛩️gate-keeper for the Welterweight division.



TRÉ BERRY – The lingering question harboring on everyone’s mind was, will we get to see vintage 🇺🇸Errol Spence Jr. that we were accustomed to seeing, the former blue-chip prospect, turned boogeyman, who took advantage of his opportunities and blossomed into one of the generations best fighters?

After entering back into his element, Spence went out there, and did enough to soundly defeat former World Champion and highly regarded contender 🇺🇸Danny “Swift” Garcia to a wide Unanimous Decision verdict.  How do you personally think Spence looked in his comeback keeping in accordance to what his normal level was showcased as before the accident?

JON UDDIN –  He looked very good. Not only did he not show any residual damage from his car accident in 2019, he didn’t show any issues in his conditioning either. Everything I would expect to see from Errol in a fight before his setback was on display in his first return to the ring, the jab, the confidence, the physical dominance, and the body work.

When the fight against Garcia was first announced, I saw a dominant victory for Errol on the cards as I couldn’t see Danny matching what Errol dished out, but being tough to stop in his own right. The fight played out as such. There was no surprise Saturday, just a sigh of relief as we received affirmation that we hadn’t lost anything in one of the true pound for pound talents in the sport right now.



The definition of a ⛩️gate-keeper in boxing is one who is leagues ahead of your average journeyman, and one who is a cut above top contenders, or even multiple levels above them if the division is top-heavy with P4P Champion pedigree. To get to those fighters, you have to get past the gate-keeper in order to fight those who occupy space at the next level.

At this point in time, Danny Garcia realistically fits into that mold and narrative, as he is a quality fighter, but doesn’t quite have the pedigree that a few of his other counterparts that occupy the talent-laden Welterweight division.  I personally feel that ANY negative connotation associated with the word gate-keeper should be eliminated, as they too, hold a strong stature in their importance to the 🖼️overall picture.

To get the 🏷️tag, you have to be willing to, and fight enough top fighters to help tangibly sort out the pecking order, and Garcia at this point has thrown his hat into the rungs of talent atop the Welterweight division as much as anyone in the last 4-5 years.  It has to be a humbling experience for Danny Garcia though, considering that he became the unquestioned Champion of the World at the 👑Junior-Welterweight division, to be 📉downgraded in a better division, but it is what it is.

With all that being said, Danny has still been providing good performances and quality fights, even when coming up short, so his worth to the division is still very relevant. There have been some whispers that Danny would like to move out of Welterweight and try his hand in the Super-Welterweight division. What do you think will be Danny’s next move, and where do you think Danny SHOULD go from here?

JON UDDIN – It’s an interesting topic. To start, I will say I don’t see anything for Danny at 154, nothing good at least. While he has put on good fights at welterweight the top tier at Super Welter are throwing some heat I don’t believe he can match when throwing or withstand on the receiving end.

Danny is as tough an out as there is, but, he does appear to be trapped in no man’s land as far as the welterweight division goes as he has dropped fights to top rivals Errol Spence, Shawn Porter and Keith Thurman, and would most likely be hard pressed to find anyone who would put money on him getting the better of up and coming prospects 🇺🇸Vergil Ortiz and 🇺🇸Jaron Ennis (I’d actually take both prospects by late stoppage).

Let us not forget that the division is currently seeing an influx of talent from Junior-Welterweight with top fighters such as 🇺🇸Regis Prograis and 👑🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Josh Taylor making their way in, and I’d take both men in a matchup over Garcia, but for his egos sake either one of those two fights could be his best option before being relegated to full gate keeper duty over rising prospects.



Speaking of Danny, 🇵🇷Angel Garcia (father and Head-Trainer of his son) had some interesting choice words for his sons performance to the media in the 🎤post-fight presser that had media personnel raise their eyebrows, as well as presumably those at home who had access to the presser.  Citing the ebbs and flow that transgressed throughout the fight, Angel spoke his truth and made sense on a couple of angles as to why Danny couldn’t turn the tide, but he didn’t stop there.

He started to dig a little heavy for the world to see and stated “he just wasn’t busy enough, you know, like, he lost, but he chose to do that.”, and while Danny was making his point of Spence’s educated jab as the chief reason for stunting his progression, Angel undressed him and undercut Danny sharply, lecturing him about it being other factors than the jab.  As all of these moments went down, my eyes quickly shifted to Danny, and you could see that he was not appreciative of the interjection.

Yes Danny knows his father is raw, blunt, and as animated a character as there is in boxing, but you could see some disdain Danny was fighting back in those moments.  Also, as stated in the fight recap, Danny for whatever reason has 🚫never shown the ability to adapt his style, his movement or his sequences whenever he’s faced with a situation, that he doesn’t have any control over, or when his tactics aren’t working.

While that criticism often falls on Danny, I think it’s time to start looking at the Trainer and give him some of the backlash that his son faces in this regard.  A three-part question… this point in his career, would a Trainer change be beneficial for Garcia’s plight to ascend? Is Angel Garcia’s lack of in-fight ability to inform, motivate, and alter his son’s overall attack hindering Danny from 📈graduating to the next level? and the big question…what kind of father belittles his son in front of the world in what has to be the lowest feeling in his career?

JON UDDIN – A change in trainer was something I thought may be necessary years ago for Garcia, specifically after his narrow, if not fortunate escape against 🇺🇸Mauricio Herrera in 2014. At the age of 32, and trying to navigate his current location in the Welterweight division, I’m not sure how much a new trainer helps him but at the same time can it hurt him? Can a new voice trigger new energy or can it be a negative distraction after it’s been the familiar chirp of his father for all these years?

For a long time I’ve felt Angel has lacked something in translation when coaching Garcia between rounds, but after getting this far I wonder if I underestimate the possibility that Danny is an overachiever because of his father’s guidance? Or is it in spite of?

Something was very different in the interaction between Angel and Danny after this one, and I can’t help but believe it’s because Angel, after seeing fights against Porter and Thurman lost, knew the stakes as it relates to Garcia’s future in the current boxing landscape. They may have hugged it out the morning after, but Angel, just as he can’t shut it off pre fight, couldn’t do so when his emotions got the best of him after this big loss. And hey, when Danny’s ride comes to an end, Angel’s does as well that’s for sure.

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