Joe Juggernaut Joyce Slowly Breaks Dubois Down, Works Battered Eye to Win by 10th Round Count-Out

Tonight made up for a terrible main-event last night for what amounted to a solid Heavyweight scrap.  Upon its conclusion, 🥈🇬🇧Joe “Juggernaut” Joyce (12-0-0, 11KO👊) scored a 10th round Knockout victory over 🇬🇧Daniel “DDD” Dubois (15-1-0, 14KO👊), due to a shotgun jab to Dubois left eye that was rendered completely closed due to ongoing punishment to elevate himself as the new domestic British Commonwealth and European Heavyweight Champion.  Up to that point, the action in the bout was on relatively even terms.

For starters, Joyce fought as the aggressor on the front foot, while Dubois snuck in a few sneak right hands.  Dubois in the second round jumped out early and momentarily wobbled Joyce.  Dubois was very aggressive in the clinches, punching powerfully with his free hand.  By the third stanza, Dubois power began to get unleashed and raked Joe over the top with right hands and left hooks.  Joyce’s jab was instrumental in keeping him well within the round in the scoring aspect.


For someone whose hands are so slow, Joyce has impeccable ⌚timing with his jab.  Joyce was winning the jab battle over Dubois, who himself possesses a quality jab himself.  In the 5th, Dubois landed a very nice 5 punch combination in the first minute of the round.  Dubois went right hand heavy, with landing success, though the theme at this point started to become that he wasn’t hurting Joyce significantly enough.


Dubois by this point in the sixth round had heavy swelling on the left eye, but at this time kept his composure in tact.  The fight started taking a more physical turn with both giants trying to exert their will over the other.  In round 7, Dubois did hurt big Joe with a stiff cross, but he endured the shot, due to the Juggernaut’s great chin.  Some great combination work was done by Daniel despite his left eye now being completely shut…and possibly injured as there were indications that he may have endured an orbital fracture, but we’ll wait on that.


Dubois in the 8th round started to 🎯target the body more and relied on his footwork to take advantage of the plodding Joyce.  A clean right hand upstairs put an exclamation point on the round for Daniel in our view.  The ninth round, the pace slowed up a little bit, but couldn’t help to notice that Dubois more and more was getting bothered by the increasingly heavy swelling of his left eye, and of Joyce’s jab.

The 🛎️10th round was the final round, and wow…..what an ending.  Joe Joyce landed a heavy shot-gun jab on the badly damaged eye, and Dubois (severely bothered) took a knee.  Assuming he would take the 8-count, Dubois never got up, submitting to the pain, reminding the public that people have a limit to their pain threshold, no matter how tough they are.  This was a shocking conclusion to an interesting Heavyweight fight – and just like that, Joe Joyce lifted the British Commonwealth, and European domestic titles off of Dubois shoulders for what was his 📍finest win as a professional.



With this win, the British belts were important, but there were bigger implications on the line.  The winner of this fight was to be ranked #2 in the world by the WBO sanctioning body.  With some heavy foreshadowing taking place about Unified WBA/WBO/IBF Heavyweight World Titlist 🥇🇬🇧Anthony “AJ” Joshua vacating his WBO title to skip his mandatory and seek another fight, that means the #1 WBO contender and former Cruiserweight Undisputed King 👑🥇🇺🇦Oleksandr Usyk will be in line to fight a rematch with Joe Joyce, this time in the pros.


Now some people may wonder “wait a minute? a rematch? they fought?” well in fact, yes they have.  They fought a thrilling 5-rounder in the 🎥World Series of Boxing semi-professional tournament that produced some very interesting exchanges, and it was a fight that Usyk emerged victorious in.  Joe Joyce started his pro journey late, and at the 🗓️age of 35, this is exactly where he wants to be, to not only have a chance at a World Heavyweight Title, but also to avenge himself against a former foe who had bested him the first time around.


As for Dubois, he is talented, and he is 23 years old – he can certainly bounce back from this and take it as a learning experience in stride so that he can come back a more refined fighter.  He is “the goods” as is said in boxing circles, but this happens sometimes when you take the risks against other quality fighters.  We look forward to seeing how he will get the train back on the tracks, and how he can improve as a fighter.


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