History Was Made, Expectations Met, and a Champion’s Legs Were Taken Away (Tyson vs. Berbick)

On this date, 🗓️November 22nd, 1986, Heavyweight boxing legend 👑🇺🇸“Iron” Mike Tyson (27-0-0, 25KO) began his legend by becoming the youngest of all time to win a version of a Heavyweight world title at age 20, destroying tough WBC Heavyweight titlist 🇯🇲Trevor Berbick (31-4-1, 23KO) in devastating fashion, and sending a terrifying message to the rest of the boxing world.

Tyson came out sharp, and explosive, with his natural intent to destroy and rush his opponent, and Berbick being a tough guy, was too tough for his own good, and stood in front of Tyson instead of using his jab to keep distance.  The amount of power in Tyson’s punches were as jarring to viewers as they were to Berbick in snapping his head back repeatedly. 


It was apparent by the middle of the opener, that Trevor could not see the 💪🏾left hook, or the right cross due to the speed and angles Tyson was taking up.  A strong 4-punch combination had the Champion Berbick wobble around the ring, feeling the weight of the ground being taken up from under him.  He barely made it out of the round without tasting the canvas.

The second round wasn’t nearly as kind to the Jamaican boxer however. Tyson went into ⚙️second gear, and it was far too much for Berbick to handle.  Immediately in the stanza, Tyson landed a long right hand over Berbick’s lazy left, and followed up with an 8 punch combination, finished off by a short right that made Berbick slam off the canvas.  Berbick was severely hurt, but he got up immediately with bravado as his backbone.


He was allowed to continue, but there was a ⌚timer left on his reign as a titlist as he went onto full on defensive mode while on spaghetti legs, looking to hold at every turn.  Mid round, Tyson hit him with a blistering 4-punch combination that further sent him down a path Berbick couldn’t escape from.  Tyson 1 minute later switched to southpaw to throw a right hook, uppercut, and short left in the inside.  The 💥short left sent Berbick down in a delayed reaction straight on his back. 


Berbick desperately wanted to get up, but the body wasn’t receptive to the minds ambitions, and fell back down on his side.  Valiant in his effort, he tried to get up again, but he went right back down on his right side, his legs had nothing left for him to stand under his own power.  He was counted by Referee 🕴️Mills Lane, as Berbick collapsed on to him, ready to drop down for a 4th time.  Just like that, Mike Tyson etched himself into the 📖history books for a chapter of Heavyweight history.


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