Two Great Champions, and Amnesia Take Place in Front of Michigan Audience (Frazier vs. Foster)

On this date, 🗓️November 18th, 1970, hard-nose Light-Heavyweight King 👑🇺🇸Bob Foster (41-4-0, 35KO) tried his hand at the Heavyweight Champion of the World, that being the relentless 👑🥇🇺🇸“Smokin” Joe Frazier (25-0-0, 23KO) for the RING/WBA/WBC World Titles.

Bob Foster, who was vaunted for his devastating power in his weight class, quickly felt the weight of a real Heavyweight puncher, and his chin couldn’t rise to the occasion to handle the power, nor could he deal with Frazier’s pressure.  In round two, Foster was put down with a nasty left hook.  Groggy on his legs, he got up and continued the fight.  Shortly after, Frazier caught him with a deadlier left hook that corkscrewed Foster’s neck, and ended his night in devastating fashion.



Post-fight, when Foster entered his dressing room, he began putting his shoes back on.  His Trainer 🗣️Billy Edwards was confused, and asked him “what are you doing?” Foster proceeded to tell him that he was “getting ready for the fight” – to which Edwards said to him “nah son…the fight’s over…”.

After his defeat, Bob Foster returned back to his domain to continue his lengthy reign as a dominant Lineal Light-Heavyweight World Champion, securing 10 more Title defenses and further cementing himself as historically one of the greatest boxers in the division.

As for Joe Frazier, this was the first defense of his Lineal World Title.  What proceeded next was the “Fight of the Century” – the 1st installment of fights with his legendary Heavyweight rival 👑🥇🇺🇸Muhammad Ali, where Frazier earned the signature win of his Hall-of-Fame career.

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