Revenge By a Couple Sledgehammers (Lennox Lewis vs. Hasim Rahman II)

On this date, 🗓️November 17th, 2001, Heavyweight boxing legend 👑🥇🇬🇧Lennox Lewis (39-2-1, 30KO) regained the RING/WBC/IBF Championship of the World by avenging his loss to 🇺🇸Hasim “The Rock” Rahman (35-3-0, 29KO) that he suffered earlier within the year, to get his sweet revenge, to ascend back to the top of the division.

Credit where credit was due – it was a great accomplishment for Hasim Rahman to topple the legendary British warrior the first time around, but Lennox allowed himself to fall victim to not taking training seriously, and playing too much with his opponent, and got caught with a right hand doing so.


This time around, Lennox came prepared, ⚖️8 lbs. lighter, in shape, with a serious disposition, and he proved with his performance that the gap between the two Heavyweight boxers was wide when they were both in their best form.

Lennox Lewis in the 4th round destroyed Rahman with a sweeping left hook, right hook around the guard combination, and flattened Hasim on his back.  Rahman tried to get up, but fell back down to the mat, and Lewis in celebratory fashion beat his chest in a way to say “I told you so” after telling the world that (he felt) the first time around was a lucky punch.



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