Bud Crawford’s Countering Ability Forces An Impressive 4th Round Stoppage Over Game Kell Brook

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 11/15/2020

It was a rather good, interesting chess-match of a fight while it lasted, but the best-of-the-best seem to take control of the moment in the blink of an eye.  That is exactly what Pound-4-Pound WBO World Welterweight Titlist 🇺🇸Terence “Bud” Crawford (37-0-0, 28KO👊) was able to do tonight in taking out 🇬🇧Kell “Special K” Brook (39-3-0, 27KO👊) with the onslaught started by a check-right hook, culminating in a 4th round stoppage for Nebraska’s finest.

When it comes to Crawford, wondering what stance he will start from is common place.  For this fight, he started out orthodox.  With both boxers carefully circling in mid distance and studying the other, they opened up a bit in the backend of the round, with Bud peppering upstairs with the jab, and Brook landing a couple good shots to the body.  Both were cognizant about getting into their desired range, as Brook is the bigger man, but Crawford having the 📏rangier reach.

Both had some impressive moments in the second round countering over the top.  In the middle of the round, Crawford decided to switch to the southpaw stance, where he notably fights at his most optimal level career-wise, despite being naturally right handed.  Another thing to note, Brook by this point was standing comfortably in the pocket, not giving up any ground, trying to find opportunities to time Crawford coming in to fire something over the top with.


Brook’s 👁️left eye began to swell in the third round, which would bring natural concern given his well-chronicled past.  By Craw switching left-handed, it nullified Brook’s ability to fire the jab, which is what Brook was doing best in the early portion of the fight.  Crawford landed a good 2-3 combination on Brook as he started to activate his power.  Brook to his credit landed a couple of clean right hands – a good ♝chess-match was taking place, and both were holding their own in the fray of the action that transpired throughout the rounds.


The 4th round, Crawford landed a PERFECT 💥check-right hook that turned Brook’s legs to noodles and staggered to the ropes.  Bud Crawford jumped on him and ripped away at the injured Brit, and he bounced off of the ropes.  Referee 🕴️Tony Weeks accurately called it a KD with the ropes holding him up.


Brook, looking visibly confused and hurt, would continue.  Crawford took it to 🦁predator mode and went for the finish, and he would get it in the form of stoppage, as Weeks stepped in to save the battered Brook from further punishment.



Bud spent a good amount of time in the left handed stance trying to get the ⌚timing down on Brook, who kept his technique tight, and didn’t want to wing anything out there irresponsibly to get countered.  It took Crawford two rounds, but he finally found the space to fire the check-right hook, & boy it was a beauty.  Once again, he makes his case stronger for making claim to being the best counter-puncher in boxing.


As for Brook, we do have to note that this was the best he has looked since the fight with 🇺🇸Errol  Spence Jr., and throughout the 4 rounds prior to the punch, the fight was relatively even, so Brook was able to stick around with the best and give Crawford problems, so the narrative of Brook being shot cannot be used for this fight, as he put himself physically, and mentally in prime position to comepete…where this Brook had been in the last 3 years❓ no one knows, but he showed up.



Now as for the gut-check portion of the analysis when it comes to Brook, he was hurt, and taken out in such a quick amount of time, he didn’t have any time to fight back, or to even crumble, so we could say this area for Mr. Kell Brook was 📝inconclusive, and doesn’t need any extended analysis.

Now back to Crawford, he clearly has a good chin.  There were a couple of well placed shots on the heavier side, that should have made Crawford think twice and get on his 🚲bicycle, but he took it well, and stuck to his guns.  It also further supports that he may be the most focused athlete in boxing, as it seems nothing ever distracts him, or takes him off his game.



I feel like anything regarding this topic with Terence Crawford, and other elite Welterweights gets redundant, because we all know the state of play here with the squabble between Promotional companies and the failure to get their fighters to cross the ⚠️yellow tape, but we have to look at it.

Crawford next wants to fight legend and WBA Titlist 🇵🇭Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao next.  Anyone aspiring to be great, who wouldn’t want to fight with the legend? factoring that he is 41, and won’t stick around the sport for too much longer.  With Pacman no longer with PBC, it seems like the most likely option for both to take up in a unification match to merge both WBA and WBO Welterweight World Titles together.


The big 🏷️ticket for Craw of course is a historic generation-defining showdown with unified WBC/IBF Welterweight Titlist 🇺🇸Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr.  Given Spence’s horrific car accident, and everything up in the air pending a fight with 🇺🇸Danny Garcia next month, who knows what type of condition Spence is going to be in.  Craw stated that he would like to fight Spence at his best, so internally he will be hopeful that Errol looks like himself, or close to it in the Garcia fight so we can get them in the ring at their optimal state.


Speaking of Garcia, him and 🇺🇸Shawn Porter would be the other options, but what is the 🐘elephant of the room? They are walled off with the promotional divide, so what are we looking at? Here is something interesting to keep an eye on.

Crawford’s contract with Top-Rank is ending soon, and if certain fights can’t be made, then maybe we might see Bud go across the street to sign with PBC to get the fights he covets? it’s very possible.  Without going TOO deep into speculation, those are measures where possibility enters the equation.  What will happen next for Bud❓ we will have to wait and see, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy what we are able to witness.


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