Taylor Especially Sharp Tonight, Dominates Gutierrez for 9th Lightweight Title Defense

Headlining boxing’s first ever all-woman main fight card, unblemished acclaimed Undisputed Lightweight Champion of the World 👑🥇🇮🇪“Irish” Katie Taylor (17-0-0, 6KO👊) made easy work of a tough, but outgunned challenger 🇪🇸Miriam Gutierrez (13-1-0, 5KO👊), with Katie putting together her most complete outing in her last 5 fights.

Immediately, Katie Taylor jumped on her opponent, firing everything in the arsenal at her, and hitting her at will – no feel out process whatsoever between the two boxers.  Miriam Gutierrez looked overwhelmed while trying to retaliate, but her punches were wide, and her hands looked way too slow to be s significant factor in this fight.  Katie more-so than in recent fights sat down on her punches more to drive the power home, and her left hook looked especially sharp.


No other time was more evident than the third where she landed a whipping left hook that had the challenger’s body swaying like a Jenga-stack right after a piece has been taken out.  To her credit, Gutierrez is tough, and she had to be as Taylor threw 25-30 power shots right after, trying to get her down to the canvas.  Gutierrez and her corner decided to adjust her defense for round 4, but Taylor recognized, and adjusted with it, and started to pick her apart with the counter right cross instead of the left hook initiated from earlier.

Right at the 4th round 🛎️end bell, Katie landed a scintillating counter-cross, followed by a shotgun-jab that slumped Gutierrez down to the mat.  She beat the count, and made it to round 5 – a round where Gutierrez did her best work in.  It wasn’t enough to win the round, but certainly garnered respectability of note, but what was clearly apparent was that Katie Taylor was multiple classes ahead of her in craft.

Though Gutierrez was at a serious disadvantage due to lack of overall skill, looking past her and specifically at Taylor’s fundamentals, timing and creativity, this is the sharpest that I’ve seen Katie Taylor in her last 4 or 5 outings, perhaps dating back even further than that, certainly an encouraging sign for the  mileage-heavy acclaimed 34 year old for her future endeavors, and encouraging for viewers of the sport.



Katie has been adamantly open towards bigger fights at higher weight classes, and even in cross-over match-ups.  For boxing, Taylor views a fight with the great 👑🥇🇺🇸Claressa “T-Rex” Shields as her dream fight, but Taylor says that 147 is as far as she can go up, and Shields reigns as a ⚖️160 and  ⚖️154 lb. Champion, so she would have to move down.  Is it do-able? yes it is, and anything can happen…but it is a stretch, however fair game for wanting to test herself, Katie that is.

Katie has also been open to a cross-sport fight with Mixed Martial Arts legend 👑🇧🇷Cris Cyborg Justino, but the question there will always be…will it be in the ring? or in the cage?  or perhaps even both? With Cyborg moving over to Bellator MMA, which is broadcast by DAZN, it makes this proposition a much more accessible option if Katie would like to take it up.

Now Katie’s Trainer insisted than former 7-division World Champion 🇵🇷Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano to stop running.  With no opinion on the logistics behind the scenes here, Amanda is a legend in her own right, and a Katie / Serrano fight would certainly be the biggest women’s fight in history.  Katie already has a win over 👑🇺🇸Jessica McCaskill, but hey, with those two being the only Titleholders a division north at 140, there they have incentive to do it again.


With all that being said, certainly Katie Taylor has a wealth of options out there to take up to advance her blossoming legacy, to further broaden the acclaim to the 📈pinnacle of the sport.


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