Bud Crawford Looks to Close Book on Opponents Career, While Brook Has His Eyes on Redemption

Boxing’s swiss-army knife and Pound-4-Pound WBO World Welterweight Titlist 🇺🇸Terence “Bud” Crawford (36-0-0, 27KO👊) is up to bat next, as he will have eyes on skilled former IBF Welterweight Titlist 🇬🇧Kell “Special K” Brook (39-2-0, 27KO👊) on ESPN for what will be an attempt for Crawford to secure a 4th defense of his Title since moving up to the division three years ago.



While TC can’t get exactly what he wants in this division, at this present time due to partisan 🎬🎥Game-of-Thrones politics by promotional stables, Terence and his team have been looking for suitable dance partners to pair inside of the ring with him, and have fought two of the best options available in his last couple fights in 🇱🇹Egidijus Kavaliauskas and 🥈🇬🇧Amir Khan.  With Kell Brook re-entering the division after a stint at Super-Welterweight, barring one of the supremely gifted up & comers, Brook is the best option for Crawford to take on, in efforts to keep the ball rolling.



Time, and circumstances can be cruel to some, especially when your merit is rubberstamped by a contingent who didn’t understand your plight, or factor in the conditions that had to be met in the face of adversity, and that notion explains Kell Brook to a T.  Dubbed “the special one”, he showed that he could indeed live up to the name by showing the ability to perform at that level, most notably witnessed in his victory against 🇺🇸“Showtime” Shawn Porter, which till this day is still the most lopsided loss of Porter’s three defeats.

It was enough of an effort, (including fights prior), to where the rest of the division avoided him altogether, eerily reminiscent to the position that his opponent Crawford finds himself in now.  This is where Brook dared to be great, however his luck did not comport with his ambitions, cruelly succumbing to both orbital bones being broken in consecutive fights, and bearing the brunt of the punishment, being forced to submit.

The self-doubt of his own abilities then entered the 🖼️picture, and things were made worse when boxing’s family labeled him as a quitter and a coward, and that can damage the psyche of any proud man.  With him physically and mentally second-guessing himself, Brook has not been the same since.

craw broo


Supposedly 🥉🇺🇸Deontay Wilder can make a claim of his own here, but there’s a consensus of boxing viewers that believe that Terence Crawford may be the meanest guy in all of boxing, and he typically looks to punish you anytime he smells 🩸blood in the water, so for Brook, he not only fights his inner doubt, he will go up against somebody looking to force him back to that bad space to see if Kell can cope.

Now as for Brook, there is no better incentive than facing who some regard as the best boxer on the planet, to eradicate his hesitancy, while eradicating the narratives cast upon him, to restore all that was once his, and doing so with one full swoop to catapult him back to not just being the highly regarded boxer that he once was, but to be looked at as one of the best in the world, with a hell of a bounce back story to tell.

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