Lomachenko and His Right Shoulder Injury – An Investigatory Look Into the Claim and the Timeline 📰

So news had manifested out a couple of days ago about former Lightweight Kingpin 🥇🥇🇺🇦Vasiliy “Loma” Lomachenko undergoing surgery for a right shoulder ailment, and that the surgery took place on Monday.  He is reportedly to be sidelined from training by 🗓️mid-January of 2021, on Doctors orders.  An intriguing turn of events here, so instead of simply breaking the news as it was, we decided to venture out and see if we could find any evidence present to test the validity of the information that has been put forth to the public, as well as the claim of the shoulder injury itself.


Immediately upon hearing about the shoulder injury, we decided to re-watch the fight, and take a tally on the amount of right hooks that he threw throughout the fight, as that is the punch that will send a jolt of pain through your arm if you indeed have some type of rotator cuff, or tendon injury/tear.  Now watching all 12 rounds, Lomachenko was tallied up for throwing 321 overall punches in the contest.

Now also factoring in that Vasiliy’s best punch, and favorite punch to throw IS his sweeping right hook, we noted him only throwing 25 right hooks throughout all twelve rounds, with only a mere 13 right hooks being thrown in the first 10 rounds, and 12 right hooks authored up in the final two stanzas, which would indicate clearly that something indeed may have happened to his shoulder, now to put the next factor to the test.


Lomachenko’s jack-of-all-trades Manager 🕴️Egis Klimas stated that before he came to America to set up training camp, that he complained of a sharp pain in his right shoulder.  An MRI was taken on his shoulder, but it came back negative as it didn’t reveal any structural damage, so it was apparent that inflammation was the culprit for the shoulder discomfort.


Now testing the timetable and rationale of what was stated, it does pass the test, given that Lomachenko told the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and Voluntary Anti Doping Association about getting two injections for his shoulder in different weeks, just so there would be no surprises.  Given that those agencies keep track of those records, and in them not refuting the claim that was put out days ago, it renders this claim to be true, injections were allowed by both agencies.


Klimas also said that the injury was both from the result of a pre-existing condition, and further damage coming to the shoulder from injury in the second round.  The pre-existing portion of the equation we already examined, now to put the other portion of the equation under the 🔬microscope.  Upon watching round 2 again, Loma threw a couple of three-punch combinations.  The first of those combinations, he started out by throwing a left cross, blocking a Teofimo left hook with his forearm, then coming back with another cross.

Now the hook that Lomachenko blocked visually put an inordinate amount of pressure on the shoulder as Teofimo was aiming the punch down, while Lomachenko was lifting his forearm and elbow up, pitting the shoulder into an unnatural position while picking off the shot.  That is indeed a situation there that undoubtedly could’ve done damage to the shoulder going forward, so the verdict on this claim all around in our estimation is certainly a plausible one.


The Doctor who did the surgery was 🩺Dr. Neal ELAttrache, who is also the same surgeon that performed on the same shoulder that Vasya injured against 🇻🇪Jorge Linares in 2018.  Now the word is that after the second of as many injections regarding the inflammation of the shoulder during training camp, Father/Trainer Anatoliy Lomachenko wanted the fight to be postponed, which would certainly make a lot of sense to want to do, given your fighter is less than 100% going up against a dangerous opponent in 👑🇺🇸Teofimo Lopez.  Vasiliy reportedly threatened to retire from boxing if they were to call the fight off, so the show went on as scheduled.


What it means is that Lomachenko came into the contest with a compromised shoulder, reaggravated it during the early portion of the fight, and went against his father Anatoliy’s advice to reschedule, or to cancel the bout.  What it also means ultimately is that at the age of 32, and having 418 fights in the book in totality 📜(amateurs & pros), Lomachenko’s body at this point of his career is starting to break down.

For evidence of that, you can cite his 2 shoulder injuries, as well as his 2 surgeries to that shoulder, and a dislocation of a knuckle in just his last 5 fights at Lightweight alone.  Vasiliy will be refrained for 4 months on partaking in any strenuous activity.  He has a good surgeon, so they are hopeful that everything structurally will stay in tact so that he can make a healthy return to the sport for a strong 2021 push.


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