A Health Update for Baranchyk 📰

After concerns arose about 🇷🇺🇧🇾Ivan Baranchyk’s health post his war with 🇺🇸Jose Zepeda last night, we’re happy to report that Baranchyk has been discharged from the hospital. Being driven home by his Co-Promoter Tony Holden, here’s what Tony had to say about his fighter.

“Ivan is out of hospital and doing well, all he wanted was to go eat ice cream. Last night I was terrified as I rode in the ambulance with Ivan worried that he was not going to be ok. I am proud of him, writers are calling this fight of the decade. It was a brutal war as Ivan put Zepeda on the canvas 4 times and Zepeda put Ivan on the canvas 4 times, all in the first five rounds. Ivan ended up walking into a punch resulting in a brutal knock out. I am just happy he is ok. I love this kid and he proved he is a world class fighter. Thanks to your prayers he is ok”


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