Danny Roman Edges Out Close Decision Over Juan Carlos Payano

Opening up the second portion of the 2 in 1 mega PPV event were a couple of Super-Bantamweights who put forth a competitive contest.  Former unified titlist 🇺🇸Danny “Baby Faced Assassin” Roman (28-3-1, 10KO) surfaced victorious on the scorecards, though 🇩🇴Juan Carlos Payano (21-4-0, 9KO) boxed well enough to make the official verdict a debatable one all-around.

Moving up from Bantamweight, Payano had no problems dealing with the extra weight, and looked sharp early, despite whispers that the 36 year old Dominican fighter was slowing down.  Roman at the onset looked sluggish, and found himself in a fight that was closer than expected.  The southpaw Payano early proved to be cagey once again, using his experience to offset Roman’s offense.  Payano also appeared to have a speed advantage over Roman despite the age difference.

Though early Payano had the edge, Roman was putting money in the bank by targeting and hitting the body in combinations throughout the first portion of the fight. Up top though, Roman was having difficulty pulling the trigger due to Payano’s shifty footwork.  Though you can see Payano is not quite 🥉🇺🇿Murodjon “MJ” Akhmadaliev (who conquered Roman in their previous fight), if you squinted your eyes, you could see the similarity within their gameplans with the skills used to take advantage of Roman’s flat footed stance.


The 🌊tide started to shift in the Mexican-American’s favor by the 7th round, getting a better beat on Payano’s timing after getting familiar with his movement, and they produced the most action packed round of the fight.  The 9th round was where Payano started to feel the pressure that Roman was pushing on him, stalking, mauling on the ropes, and landing looping shots over the top.  The scorecards on our end tightened up at the end of the 10th.


Roman in the final round came out aggressively, and Payano fought fire with fire.  As the 10 second clapper sounded, it felt like we’d get to the end without any knockdowns, but a half second before the 🛎️final bell sounded, Roman landed a massive left hook that put Payano down, but Referee 🕴️Johnny Callas missed the call horribly by not counting it as a knock down, treating it as if it came after the bell, but Payano got up.

With the fight now in the books, Daniel Roman came out victorious, being awarded a 📝Unanimous Decision victory to bounce back in the win column.  Payano boxed well, but fell a little short, and dropped his second fight in a row, and also 3 of the last 4 bouts he fought – that being attributed to fighting the best of the best in his weight classes.  Where Payano goes from here? we will have to see.  As for Roman, he positioned himself here towards getting other notable fights, and he looks for ways to creep back into the title picture.


✎ Kevin Morgan = 116 – 112 for DANIEL ROMAN
✎ David Sutherland = 116 – 112 for DANIEL ROMAN
✎ Don Trella = 116 – 112 for DANIEL ROMAN

✎ Tré Berry = 115 – 113 for DANIEL ROMAN

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