Charlo Gets His Signature Victory, Outpoints a Brave Derevyanchenko for Unanimous Decision Victory

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 09/26/2020

After getting off to a razor sharp start, 🇺🇸Jermall “Hitman” Charlo (31-0-0, 22KO👊) endured a strong push in the second half by the brave 🇺🇦Sergiy Derevyanchenko (13-3-0, 10KO👊), with Charlo digging his foot into the canvas, standing his ground to secure Unanimous Decision to defend WBC Title, getting the victory needed to silence critics and open up a world of opportunities.

Respect was shared early in the fight, as both Charlo and Derevyanchenko got off to a cautious start, studying each other to pick up any tells within their gameplans.  Jermall stuck to jabbing to the head, then to the body to change Sergiy’s eye level.  While Derev was inching closer to his desired distance, Charlo used the step back, jab move to reset the distance to take advantage of the smaller, short armed opponent.  Much versatility was shown throughout this bout, as they each had to adapt to constantly changing circumstances.

Derevyanchenko, being one of the most active Middleweights in terms of his punch output, was being nullified by Charlo’s solid defensive positioning, giving him only minimal targets to pinpoint, and dictating the real-estate of the ring.


Swelling occurred over and under Sergiy’s left eye and started to close quick in the 3rd.  In that 3rd round, Charlo rocked Derevyanchenko badly with a short left hook, but with only seconds left to go in the round, Sergiy was somehow able to keep his balance and survive, despite heavy wobbling.

Sergiy was aware that he was stuck in no mans land from the outside, so he started to put together a more calculated effort in order to get inside, diversifying his attack, and becoming more aggressive.  Charlo with the snappy jab was able to open a 🩸cut on the outside of Derev’s right eye, making conditions worse for the Ukrainian fighter.  The state in which he found himself in though did not deter him, instead in the 6th round, Sergiy authored up his best round up to this point.

Ironically, the worse that Derevyanchenko looked (it progressed round by round), the better he performed, as his sense of urgency heightened his sense of reality, and reaction time.  Dawning a crimson mask, he increased his 🎯accuracy by getting rough, making a fight of it by getting under Jermall’s elbows.  Charlo got hit with some clean power shots in the round, and passed the test, proving that he does indeed had a quality chin to add to the rest of his attributes.


At the end of he 8th round, Charlo buckled Sergiy once again, this time with a killer right hand, but it was de ja vu as he did not have enough time in the round to finish off the job, and Sergiy keeping his balance, refusing to hit the mat.  By round 9, it appeared to us that Derevyanchenko’s left eye was completely closed, and that he couldn’t see the big right hand from Charlo at all, as he kept getting hit with it, and Charlo timing it beautifully so that he could land with maximum results.

Round 10, Derevyanchenko threw all caution to the wind, and put forth a very strong round, and for the first time in the fight, he was successful in pushing Charlo off of his mark as Charlo all night dug in on the front foot to establish dominance of the real estate within the pocket.  In the 12th and final round, both boxers opened up a little bit more, with Derevyanchenko giving everything he had, and Charlo looking to answer anything that he was coming with.  Sergiy finished the stronger of the two, landing his best punches with about 12 seconds left to go against Charlo trapped in the corner, but it was too late, and the 🛎️final bell had concluded.

A solid, game competitive fight it was, Charlo, whose normally crabby when it comes to his opponents, warmly embraced Derevyanchenko, and dawned a smile throughout the post-fight break while waiting on the scorecards to be read – an indication that he developed a hell of a lot of respect for Derevyanchenko, who gave him a difficult fight, and never stopped coming no matter how badly beaten he appeared to be.  By way of 📝Unanimous Decision, Jermall Charlo got the big win he needed to silence critics who often pointed to his lack of opposition for his success, proving that he can hang with the best of them at the Middleweight division.


With the victory in hand, he now has legitimate standing to call out fellow top-160 pounders whom we’re familiar with, such as RING/WBA/WBC(Franchise) Middleweight Champion of the World 👑🇲🇽Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, and Middleweight legend/IBF Titlist 🥈🇰🇿Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin, and doing so not just because he defeated a top-5 Middleweight, but also as someone who is co-hosting a PPV event.  Well done by Charlo, putting himself in position for greater opportunities.


🤜 Jermall Charlo = 219/627, 34.9% Landed.
🤜 Sergiy Derevyanchenko = 180/681, 26.4% Landed.

✎ Tim Cheatham = 116 – 112 for JERMALL CHARLO
✎ David Sutherland = 118 – 110 for JERMALL CHARLO
✎ Steve Weisfeld = 117 – 111 for JERMALL CHARLO

✎ Tré Berry = 116 – 112 for JERMALL CHARLO

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