John Riel Casimero Opens Up The PPV Card With a Bang, Blows Duke Micah Away in Three

To the casual fan, those who just seen WBO Bantamweight Titlist 🇵🇭John Riel Casimero (30-4-0, 21KO) fight for the first time are asking “who is this??” as he put together yet another explosive performance, dispatching of previously unbeaten foe 🇬🇭Duke Micah (24-1-0, 19KO) with a display of power, angles, and tenacity inside of 3 rounds.

Micah came into the contest calm, and with a gameplan, but it was clear he wasn’t prepared for the power that was felt early from Casimero.  Duke wanted to utilize his stick jab and fight from the pocket, but he quickly found that his efforts were stifled due to Casimero’s angular attack, taking advantage of him with his 👣footwork, and his motor.


In the second round, Casimero fully found home with his power, connecting on a short left hook that hurt the Ghanaian boxer, that had him leaning on his backleg, as he came crashing down to the mat in the mid portion of the round.

I’m not sure exactly how Micah managed to escape the 2nd round due to the massive beating that he took after the knockdown, being knocked from pillar to post as veteran Referee 🕴️Steve Willis took long, repeated looks at the conditioning of the overwhelmed challenger.  Even after the corner session, in the start of round 3, Duke didn’t look sturdy elevating from his stool, so Willis had the 🩺Ring Physician come over to do a cognitive test on Micah.

Micah was allowed to continue, but given a short leash by Willis, asking him to “show him something.”  What plagued Micah through this fight is that he does not know how to hold…at all.  Much of that is attributed to him never facing any adversity in his career, and with his Trainer failing to cover the basics with him in case of a situation such as this occurring.  Micah tried to fight back, throwing an overhand right that Casimero ducked under, then Casimero sprang up with a nasty uppercut that sent a ⚡jolt through the challengers body, and while Casimero went in to put him away, Steve Willis stepped in to stop the fight.


With this victory, this makes the first defense of his WBO title, and it clears the pathways (on his end) towards securing the mega-match he covets against RING/WBA/IBF Bantamweight Champion of the World 👑🇯🇵Naoya “Monster” Inoue (19-0-0, 16KO), granted if Inoue is able to clear his assignment against 🇦🇺Jason Moloney next month.

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