Charlie Edwards Debuts At a New Weight This Weekend

If you were unaware of British former Flyweight World Titlist 🇬🇧Charlie Edwards (15-1-0, 6KO) plans a little while back, he decided  to vacate his WBC title, making it public that he was having difficulty making the 112 lb. weight limit consistently.  He now comes back 2 divisions heavier at Bantamweight to take on fellow countryman 🇬🇧Kyle Williams (11-2-0, 3KO) in a 10 rounder as the co-headliner on the Taylor/Khongsong bill to be broadcasted on ESPN+.


While he will take this fight at Bantamweight, his main plan is to settle into the Super-Flyweight division to work his way up, and position himself for some high profile money/acclaim fights, to mix it up with the wealth of talent in the Super-Flyweight division.  Prior to him getting into the title picture at Flyweight, he campaigned at heavier weights, ranging between ⚖️115-122 lbs. often on occasion, so a little extra weight is not unchartered territory for the British boxer.

The last we seen Charlie Edwards, he found himself getting dismantled by 🇲🇽Julio Cesar Martinez, working Edwards to the canvas, however  Martinez accidently hit him while he was down.  After leaving the ring thinking he just took Edwards WBC strap, the fight nearly immediately after was changed to a “no-contest” verdict, and Edwards held on to his title, however Edwards after some consideration came to the conclusion that would be his last fight at that weight.  The second stint to his journey starts on Saturday.

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