Mean Machine Puts Zewski Out of Commission In the Eighth

Despite a respectable early challenge by 🇨🇦Mikael Zewski (34-2-0, 23KO) who boxed well from the outside, the “Mean Machine” 🇱🇹Egidijus Kavaliauskas (22-1-1, 18KO) eventually caught up to Zewski to secure the technical knockout in round 8 of their headliner Welterweight contest.

Zewski early in the fight was taking advantage of Egidijus flat-footed approach by staying outside, while moving side-to-side to sweep the right hand around Kavaliauskas front heavy high-guard, and was having success doing so.  Kavaliauskas after a couple of rounds turned the pressure on, changing the natural progression of the fight and disrupting the Canadian’s rhythm that he had worked hard to establish early, utilizing a well-placed stiff jab in doing so.

By the 4th round, Egis 👁️right eye was looking angry, as heavy swelling occurred, but Zewski wasn’t able to do more damage on the eye, or to take advantage of Kavaliauskas obscured vision.  Zewski’s doom was spelled out at the end of the 7th when Egis landed a long counter-right uppercut right after the 10 second sticks hit, and wobbled Zewski all the way back to the ropes, where the Lithuanian mercilessly punished, and slumped him down to the mat until the 🛎️bell sounded, so essentially Zewski was saved at the bell to see another round.

Zewski had no where to run in the following round though as Kavaliauskas pressed the action further and put him out of commission, knocking Zewski off his feet with a jab-jab-sweeping right hand-left hook sequence.  Referee 🕴🏿Kenny Bayless immediately stopped the fight without even administering the count, feeling like Zewski had endured enough punishment.

Zewski did well early, but it wasn’t sustainable.  Kavaliauskas is nicknamed ⚙️“Mean Machine” for a reason – he surgically seeks to destroy, he hits hard, and he methodically comes forward to finish the job, and that’s what he did, ending the fight with his 18th knockout in 24 professional fights.  What’s next for Kavaliauskas? who knows, we will see…but whoever it is, we know that on his part, the entertainment value will definitely be there.

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