Ugas Dominates Ramos, Nearly Gets Knocked Out by Horrendous Scoring

The Welterweights took centerstage for the main event, and it was 🥉🇨🇺Yordenis Ugas (26-4-0, 12KO) getting the victory against 🇺🇸Abel Ramos (26-4-2, 20KO), becoming the new recipient of the secondary WBA belt, opening up future possibilities towards securing more big fights in the Welterweight division…now prepare for a rant.

🗣️THE COLD HARD FACTS – The official verdict for this fight reads as a 📝”Split-Decision” victory, but make no mistake about it…..if you watched the fight, you will then understand how 🗑️garbage the scoring was in this contest, to where it can only be categorized as embarrassing, shameful, and/or straight up suspect…enough to where there needs to be some internal investigating, or have the in-place vetting practice for these judges overhauled, to implement a new system with a transparent selection process to nullify what is clearly a growing problem in the sport of boxing.

Mini-rant over…now, as for the fight itself, Ugas worked the middle of the ring and stuck to his guns, largely fighting inside of the pocket, utilizing a stiff double jab and keeping Ramos at his preferred range.  Ramos, who fits more-so in the category and mold of a pressure fighter was reluctant to charge in most of the night, much of that having to do with Ugas presenting very little 🎯targets for him to go after with his elbow’s in tight, gloves high defense (ala 🇺🇸Winky Wright), the power Yordenis put behind his jab, and the physically imposing nature that Ugas presents inside of the ropes that comes off as misleading to opponents given his natural inclination to box.

Yordenis tacked on the points throughout the rounds, jabbing, going to the body, and using multiple variations of right hands to find Ramos head upstairs, controlling most of the fight.  Ramos did however momentarily stagger Ugas in the third round, proving to the world that he did have the power to hurt the decorated amateur pedigreed Cuban fighter, but could not follow up to compile on the damage to make anything major happen.

The flow of the fight followed a consistent pattern throughout the rounds, and nothing major really stuck out about the contest.  I do have to note though that just like Abel Ramos previous fight with 🇺🇸Bryant Parrela (whom he officially knocked out with 3 seconds left), when the final ⏲️10-second marker of the 12th round sounded, both Ramos and Ugas went toe-to-toe, and with about 5 seconds left, Ramos wobbled Ugas badly, creating a snapshot of drama, and further supporting the narrative that Ramos is one who’s simply not keen to giving up.  Ugas seen the 🛎️final bell, which meant that this one would be chalked up as an easy victory……or so you would think!

Since the vision-impaired squad of Zachary Young (115-113 Ugas), Edward Hernandez Sr. (115-113 Ugas), and wait for it….Dr. Lou Meret (117-111 Ramos) teamed up, it created angst that wasn’t needed for a contest in which we scored 118-110 in favor of Ugas, which could have even yielded a wider score.  It’s not enough to say that the correct man won the fight, without bringing to the forefront the atrocities of awful scoring that has plagued the sport of boxing, especially in recent years – something needs to be done about it.  As far as Dr. Lou Moret, it does not matter how many years he’s been at it…or perhaps it does when you change your perspective of the narrative…what it boils down to is, it’s time for him to retire from his position.

With all that being said, Yordenis Ugas now holds the WBA (Regular) Welterweight belt (#1 contender for the WBA(Super) Welterweight World Title), and it makes his case more attractable for aspiring young talent coming up, and for other elite established Welterweights who is looking to secure big fights themselves…well done Ugas.

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