Headaches Arise for Jamel Herring

After a few delays fighting through Covid-19, 🇺🇸Jamel Herring retained his WBO Super-Featherweight title. However, a whole new set of problems may be arising for “The Fighting Marine”.

“Sitting in a hospital, alone, while being called out with all sorts of negativity is something else. I’m not angry, I’m not sad, just deep in thought. I will still fulfill my obligations against Frampton, but that fight may be my last. Lost too much time from my family as it is”

This was the tweet of frustration sent out by Jamel Herring early Sunday morning while awaiting results of his catscan at a Nevada hospital that doctors recommended after his fight Saturday night at the MGM in Las Vegas. Herring retained his WBO Super-Featherweight title but it didn’t come without harsh criticism from both fans and the broadcast booth.

Herring (22-2-0, 10KO), who controlled the majority of the fight with the cleaner work, even scoring a knockdown in the third, defeated 🇵🇷Jonathan Oquendo (31-7-0, 19KO) by disqualification after the eighth round. It was at this point that Herring let the ringside doctor know that he was unable to see out of his right eye that was closed due to a headbutt that referee Tony Weeks had ruled intentional in the fifth round.

“It just got ugly. I wasn’t too satisfied with my performance, to be honest with you. In the beginning, everything was going real smooth, me boxing. I put him down with an uppercut. We knew he was going to come head first. We had to time it. In the end, I wasn’t happy with how I was looking. I’m disappointed with the outcome. I’ve never been in that situation.” Herring stated.

“I still want the Carl Frampton fight next by all means. November, December, whatever. I still want that fight next.”

If you frequent any of the three major social media outlets today, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you already know fighters get immediate praise or backlash (or both) after their fights from fans, critics and boxing scribes. Fighters are quick to point out that many of these talking heads have never and most likely will never, do battle in the squared circle, especially at any elite level. These critics are easy to laugh off.

But Herring’s heart wasn’t just called into question by couch potatoes, hardcore fans and writers. The 34 year old New York native was also criticized by ESPN commentators Tim Bradley and Andre Ward, both former world champions.

“Real eyes realize….Herring wanted out, I gotta tell you that, he wanted out. The blood in the eye, that shouldn’t have affected Herring that much. To me, I honestly feel like he gave up.”

“Herring didn’t react like a fighter tonight,” -Tim Bradley

Ward’s word may have stung less than his broadcast counterpart but the sentiment was shared.

 “I agree. I would have liked to see Jamel Herring find a way to get through his.”

Fair or unfair the storyline gets very interesting for Herring heading into his next fight, which seems to be pointing to a clash with 🇬🇧Carl Frampton. The bulk of questioning “The Fighting Marine” will take on heading into that clash will be centered around elements such as his “heart” and “desire”, things you never would have thought would come into play for Herring knowing his backstory of fighting through PTSD, and losing a daughter to SIDS. But now that he has allowed the thoughts of retirement to enter his mind and be vocalized after the fight it appears the whole narrative around his next bout with the crafty Irish veteran may take on a totally different tone.

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