Dubois Gets the Type of Stoppage Over Snijders he Was Looking For

Nothing that we didn’t already anticipate after learning of top-prospect 🇬🇧Daniel “DDD” Dubois (15-0-0, 14KO) and the Netherlands 🇳🇱Ricardo Snijders (18-2-0, 8KO) fight after being scheduled.  Dubois made relatively quick work over the overmatched opponent, putting him down 5 times before being counted out early in the 2nd round.

Daniel Dubois came forward with cautious, disciplined and calculated pressure, properly cutting the ring off for Snijders who was looking to fight the bigger Brit off his back foot.  Dubois didn’t over-press the action, and look to set his man up, and find the openings needed to attack, and to exploit.  Dubois power eventually hit its 🎯target when he put Snijders down with a strong left hook to the body in the last minute of the first round.

Snijders got up, but that’s when Dubois got aggressive and worked Snidjers back down to the canvas with a bevy of inside power punching.  Dubois put Snijders down for a 3rd time inside of the round right before the bell with a slew of combinations thrown.   Snijders did get up to at least get back o his corner in-between sessions, to come back out for the second round.

Not much time passed before Daniel Dubois put Ricardo down for a 4th and 5th time in the fight.  While Snidjers got up each time, Referee 🗣️Marcus McDonnell called a stop to the bout after seeing that there was no point in him continuing to take sustained punishment.  Dubois recorded his 15th win, with his 14th knockout on record.

Now at this point, everyone knows what is at play here, and that is Daniel Dubois to face 🥈🇬🇧Joe “Juggernaut” Joyce (11-0-0, 10KO) for an interesting battle of contending undefeated Heavyweight Brits, looking to graduate to the next level of big fights that await the winner of this contest.  We will let you know when everything is signed, and put into action.

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