Porter in His Sharpest Form Tonight, Takes Care of Formella by Decision

Top-flight contender 🇺🇸“Showtime” Shawn Porter (31-3-1, 19KO👊) went to work early and often tonight against German prizefighter 🇩🇪Sebastian Formella (22-1-0, 10KO👊) mauling, outworking, and outboxing Formella to a unanimous decision victory of shutout variety.

Formella looked to box off the back-foot, but did not possess an authoritative enough jab to keep the ever-aggressive Porter outside of his wheelhouse. Shawn mixed it up well to the body and to the head, diversifying his combination punching and throwing his weight around while getting to Formella’s chest and going to work. Formella appears to have solid boxing skills, with a good deal of punch-resistance, but is more suited for those at a domestic level of competition.

Periodically, Shawn Porter showcased his underrated outside boxing skills, popping the jab and dancing on his toes to showcase his versatility that he has worked hard on in sharpening specific 🧰tools to his arsenal. Every fight, I can see Porter implementing something new to his arsenal, subtle adjustments being made throughout. which is something you can say is a testament to Father/Trainer 🗣️Kenny Porter’s tutelage.

All in all, it was a solid, typical showing for Shawn Porter, as he looks forward to working on getting another high-octane fight in the talent-laden Welterweight division, perhaps a re-match against the winner of 🇺🇸Errol Spence Jr. and 🇺🇸Danny Garcia which is scheduled to take place in late November.

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