Maravilla’s Return To the Boxing Ring (Sergio Martinez) 📰

For those who were unaware, former Lineal Middleweight World Champion 🇦🇷Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez (52-3-2, 29KO👊) came out of retirement, and had his first fight entering back between the ropes since his defeat at the hands of 🇵🇷Miguel Cotto six years ago in 2014.

Now at the age of 45, Sergio looked every bit his age with slower handspeed that you would expect to see from someone that age. He did fire off some sharp combinations against journeyman 🇪🇸Jose Miguel Fandino to get the win. While the reflexes dulled, his knees did hold up, which was the main culprit in his decision to retire as it plagued him throughout his final years pre-retirement.

With no real generated excitement, or expectations surrounding his comeback, and 🇲🇽Oscar De La Hoya openly flirting with a comeback, it would not surprise us if they both decided to cross paths for an over-the-hill contest, since they each have one last itch to scratch when it comes to boxing.

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