A Happy 43rd Birthday to Miranda Adkins – (Also, Looking at the Dangers of Faulty Matchmaking)

By Tré Berry III🖊️ | 07/28/2020

First off, I would like to wish female boxer 🇺🇸Miranda Adkins a happy 🗓️43rd birthday, and hopes she finds enjoyment in her annual day.  What I would like to say deriving off of that is that…..I am glad she actually gets to celebrate a birthday given the circumstances she found herself in

on Friday night, going up against strong Light-Flyweight top contender 🇺🇸Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada, and getting damn near decapitated, being knocked out in only 7 seconds of combat – 📜the fastest knockout in women’s boxing history.


This is not going to be a post beating up on Adkins – in fact, it will prove to be the opposite.  The intention of this here is to lay out the cold hard facts surrounding the situation for clarity, and a call for accountability at the Execute end.  Now despite coming into the contest boasting a 📖5-1-0 record…if you have never heard of Miranda Adkins before, the notion is nearly unanimous all across the board.  In her 5 pro wins, she has beaten 4 boxers who were making their professional debuts to boxing, and the lone fighter who has had any bouts under her belt came into that contest 0-2, so Adkins never faced ANYONE with a single win on their ledger.

Secondly, equally disturbing as the lack of record is the original point of the post…she is 43 years of age (42 when the fight happened, but makes no difference), embarking on a late journey to boxing.  Looking past just the age and numbers, even when watching her dubious, reluctant steps coming off of her stool at the first (and only) 🛎️bell, standing even footed, postured straight up, it was  abundantly clear to see even in that small snapshot of time that she had no business being in the ring that night with something of the quality of Seniesa Estrada.

Now, delving into the setup of the situation a little bit, Adkins was a replacement opponent for Seniesa Estrada, given that her original opponent 🇲🇽Jacky Calvo had to back out of their contest 2 weeks prior to the fight due to suffering a knee injury.  Apparently there must have been a scramble to get an opponent put in place only being allotted a short period of time, however make no mistake about it…they certainly could have done much, much better in their vetting process.

For one, putting someone whose 5 opponents combined for an 0-2 record against a seasoned 📈rising pro, who looks the part to be an eventual Champion in Estrada is a serious health hazard, that put Adkins well-being in an exponentially dangerous situation.  It also denigrates the reputation of the event all around, boxing as a whole, and more specifically, people like 🕴🏽💼CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster, and his people for even putting together something as farcical as what we had all witnessed.

CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster

We need to also call out 📺Golden Boy Promotions for this happening under their watch…but what I will also say is that this happens all across the board with most promotional backing, and it happens far too often.  One would think that given the rough 2-year stretch of deaths in the ring, and boxers suffering an inordinate amount of brain injuries, that they would put the protection of fighters first (even against their own will), as a paramount practice so that fair matches and events can be made for boxers to thrive in, and for fans to enjoy.  If you were to look at this from a flowchart perspective, you’ll sadly get to the end point and reminded that for most at the Executive level…..it is still all about the money.

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