Andy Ruiz Joins Reynoso Stable 📰

By Jon Uddin🖊️ | 05/11/2020

The decision has been made, and the Andy Ruiz redemption project is now underway…

On Cinco De Mayo, former unified Heavyweight World Champion 🇺🇸Andy Ruiz (33-2-0, 22KO) made it official and confirmed that he would be joining forces with 🗣️Trainer Eddy Reynoso for his next fight. Ruiz was previously under the watchful eye of Manny Robles whom he pulled the massive upset over Anthony Joshua with in June of 2019, becoming the first Mexican Heavyweight Champion, but that partnership came to a halt after Ruiz’s lack of dedication in training resulted in a one sided loss in the December rematch held in Saudi Arabia.

Now just over five months removed from the loss, and having more than his fill of “I told you so” from those that found validation in predicting that his time as Champion would be short lived, the 30 year old California native begins the journey back to title contention, guided by arguably the strongest trainer in boxing’s current landscape.

In Reynoso, Ruiz will be joining a stable held by the man who has been in the corner of one of boxing’s biggest stars and cash cow 🇲🇽Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (53-1-2, 36KO), for more than 15 years, and who is also currently molding the young rising Lightweight 🇺🇸Ryan Garcia (20-0-0, 17KO), former Featherweight Champion 🇲🇽Oscar Valdez (27-0-0, 21KO), current Flyweight Champion 🇲🇽Julio Cesar Martinez (16-1-0, 12KO), and former Bantamweight Titlist 🇲🇽Luis Neri (30-0-0, 24KO). There can be little doubt about the environment being conducive to keeping Ruiz fully locked in on his responsibilities as a fighter, with Reynoso emulating the now popular mantra “No Boxing No Life”, that is attached to both him and Canelo Alvarez.

The big question for Ruiz will never be directed to the team surrounding him. He has previously worked under respected Trainers Freddie Roach, Abel Sanchez along with the previously mentioned Manny Robles, all respected men who have dedicated their lives to the sport. While there could possibly be a slight ego boost involved when joining a stable that includes a fighter like Canelo, could there also be a higher accountability factor along with it? While a fighter being able to stay dialed in on his own merit is ideal, the truth is some guys will need that extra incentive, wherever it may come from.

Either way, at this point, it all comes down to how much Ruiz wants it. The ability is there, but how long will he stick to the plan to get back to the top? If he makes it back to the top, can he keep his focus? If this partnership doesn’t work, the burden won’t fall on Reynoso, it will be about Ruiz’s inability to stay on track. However, if this turns into a title run, much less seeing Ruiz hoist a championship belt, it will be another accolade added to the Reynoso stable, perhaps the most impressive yet.

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